writing questions in a book

This night I had a very strange but nice lucid dream. I won’t get into detail but at some point there was a book on the table in front of me, with mostly blank pages.

I didn’t know why, but i suddenly decided to ‘talk’ to the book. I wrote down a question on a blank page and to my surprise an answer appeared, slowly becoming readable, right below the spot where I wrote down my question.
It was very much like Harry Potter writing questions in Riddle’s diary. :content:
I was wondering who I was talking to. In my dream I figured it would be my subconcious so I decided to ask some questions like ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ and that kind of stuff. Unfortunately I can’t remember the answers. :neutral:
Only one i remember. Don’t know why, but I wrote down: ‘Are you god?’ :tongue:
The answer was ‘noandyes’. Just like that, no and yes in one word.

Anyway, I wonder who answered. Maybe a DC in book shape, or my subconscious. I will certainly try it again. :cool:

I guess it’s like a DC. Maybe you can make it talk out loud. Talking book, that’s funny. You know, opening and closing.

That is intriguing.
I think most people would say that it is your subconscious, but that is up for you to decide.

When (if) you get it again, please post it here right away.

Isn’t a DC made by your subconsious? So I think that it is both :tongue:
I heard some interesting answers in my dream. But I couldn’t remember them. Just like I wasn’t supposed to remember them…

Intriguing… I must research this further.
New quest for me, whee!
goes to write on my white board

touche my friend, how paradoxial.

if you thought it was your subconscious, then it probably was.
I often pick up on things in dreams that aren’t told to me or defined clearly but you have this feeling, this sense of knowing something additional about a plot/scenario or situation that hasn’t yet been conveyed to you.

Some [read most] people say that, but there are beliefs that you are connecting with other forces in your dreams.

yeah i feel that although the subconscious makes these dream characters appear and gives them their character, it is prioritzing, or rather multitasking these characters separating its intelligence i guess you could say amongst them equally. So when people refer to a dream character as a SC DC, the subconscious has put most of its intelligence into that character instead of dividing it up equally.