Yay! Just had my first LD!

After short dreams where I realized that I’m dreaming and just woke up, I finally had my first real lucid dreaming experience.

I remember stuff before this in this dream, but I tell it from that on, I guess the other stuff is unnecessary. I was driving by bus and had some strange conversations. I went out of the bus at my home, to go grab something and go into the bus again (? :eh:). When I was in there I put on a skirt and went outside of my house. That’s when I realized I was dreaming. I ran at my street and screamed “FLY!” and flew up, gliding over stuff for a few seconds. I was so excited that I wanted to wake up. The thoughts that I now formed was displayed subtitle-like to me on a screen and I thought (and saw) “Hey, I see my thoughts on a screen”. I wanted to wake up, but it all was a dream again and I thought “Oh no, this is a big dream monster with dreams within dreams”. But I finally managed to wake up and now I’m posting this.

I’m finally persuaded that you can dream conscious. I still don’t know if I was totally conscious, but that is relative, isn’t it? When you’re drunk, you’re 100% there and afterwards you think about it and see it all blurry and so is it in normal situations sometimes too. So I guess I had and will have my fun. :smile:

I got this lucid dream, because I was in the state where I had enough sleep (I don’t know how to put this, because if I say “because it was the last dream that I had before waking up” sounds a bit stupid, because I actually woke up because of that dream). I was in a state where I usually get vivid dreams and sleep paralysis, early in the morning, when my body doesn’t need to sleep anymore. Also, I drank alcohol yesterday night.

Cheers! :happy:

Rem rebound is a beautiful thing. Congrats on your lucid, may many more follow

Congrats on your first LD, Robin! :happy:

It must be so funny to see his own thoughts like subtitles! :happy:


Woohoo Congrats on your first LD ^^ sounds like a good one too. You didn’t wake up as soon as you found out you were dreaming, Good job :happy: Keep up the good work. :cool: