yeah! my first LD!

it was so good. i went to sleep and in midnight my sister woke me up, so i fall asleep again, then i dreamed that i’m outside my house and sudnly i realized that im dreaming, i was so exited,but then i remembered that its not good to be exited when you r LDing…

my LD was long and its too complicated for me to tell it in english, so ill tell parts of him:
i tried to freez a dog, but he didnt freez.
i eat from a cake and it taste so good!!.
i told to myself that i want a group of playboy girls and they just showed up! :wink:
my dream ‘slept’ away from my hends, so i tried to rub my hends and spin around me but it didnt work, so i toched the ground meny times and my dream become clear again!!
i felt heat and cold!
i looked to the sky ['cuse my friend told me once that the sky looks great when LDing] but the sky were blue. :sad:

to the end of my dream i ‘lost’ my lucidity and act like in regular dream :cry: … then i woke up.

AWSOME i recently had my first LD as well but not as good as yours. NICE job, what rc did you use if any.

i used VILD before i went sleep, but in my dream i didnt use RC
i just sudenly realized that im dreaming…

Well, you’re not alone. Last night was also my first LD, though it was not quite so much as yours. I only realized that I was dreaming quite a bit into the dream by doing reality checks after suddenly realizing that I was wearing brazes for my teeth (though I hadn’t worn any for years) and when I took them out, they were not only too large for any mouth, but there were also 3 (!) of them, which made me suspicious and when I could stick my finger tip half-way into my hand and could breath through my closed nose, I got rather excited.
As I said I didn’t do as much then because it didn’t last very long, only teleported myself from corner to corner of the room, changed the colours of the furniture just by looking at it and then cycled round the town about 10 metres above the ground. Actually an earlier stabilization attempt worked quite well, but when I woke up I suppose it was the excitement of high-speed air-cycling.

Bythe way, for me MILD seems to work better and it’s less strenuous than WILD.

Congrats noam182r!!

I had my 2nd induced LD today, 2 hours ago to be exact.
It was pretty short but far more lucid than my first induced LD.
The bad thing is that i forgot to rub my hands, while the dream was fading away.

Congrats Neyak, noam182r! And a joint celebration with me, cranberrydude – I had my second (indirectly) induced dream today, too! :slight_smile:

Oh that’s cool :smile: hey mic882! can you tell me a more or less what was your LD about? mine was about the cranberries.

Basically exploring my school and having some fun as well as gazing at the vivid imagery. :smile: It was amazing and relaxing – just what I needed.

Mmm! Cranberries! ^.^

Wooooho what a week of LD’s lol.

Arrgh why ppl still thinking that is the fruit and not the band. :neutral:

…Er. Hah. I knew that. >_>

congrats! :grin: i am yet still trying to my LD’s, hope to get there soon. hope my first is as exciting as yours :cool_laugh:

Congrats on your LD! :happy: Keep it up! :biggrin:

LOL, i havent had any LD’s yet, but I hope they will come with the time. I’m going for that freeze a dog thing, that sound cool, lol!

Man I had an LD about 2 years ago when I didn’t know what Lucid dreaming was so I didn’t know I could do all the freaky deaky Matrix style magic. I was traveling in a car in some big city with the driver talking jibberish to me. Suddenly I thought about the apocalypse and realised I was dreaming. Suddenly all this lava and rocks came gushing out and I woke up. Just remembered this one now. Man I can’t wait to have a proper LD and do final fantasy X’s Jecht shot.