if you yell in a dream, do you yell irl ?

When we are in REM sleep, where almost all the dreams we remember occur, the body is completely paralysed. The only body parts that we can still control, if i remember correctly, are the eyes. We can yell, sing, and do anything we want to, the sleeping body will still be quietly asleep. Sleeptalking and sleepwalking occurs in deep sleep where we usually can’t remember any dreams.

oh ok, thanks

We are not completely paralysed. But paralysed enough to not move. They have used finger movements as signals from dreams. So there is a slight movement. But it is unlikely you will actually talk. Unless you are at some intermediate state, such as on the edge of sleep. I can assure you that it is possible to spit while in REM sleep. One summer, I woke up because I was spitting in bed when I spit in my dream. It happened a couple of times. I imagine I might have been able to speak or make speechlike sounds in that state. Normally though, you will not make a sound if you yell in a dream.

Have you ever tried to call out whilst in sleep paralysis? All that comes out is a strained little sound. This is the most that would happen in a dream.

I kicked the wall once in a dream :smile: And it’s certainly possible for people to talk during dreams. However, most of the time you’re are paralysed, as people have said.

in ND one day i was surfing with a shark.suddenly we saw back at his cave some pirates slaying his family and taking them (the sharp bodypart in the back).i dont know the word.i started yelling to them: not the sharks! leave em alone! i think i woke up by my yelling and i was also crying in RL because it made me really sad.