Yerba Mate

Is there anyone else besides me who drinks this stuff? I just found out about it and im thinkin of making it my daily cup of tea.

I drink that now and then. I feel it wakes me up more quickly than green tea, it isn’t something i would drink before sleep. It takes less work to make than coffee for me, so i sometimes drink it in the morning or after eating.

Yeah, of course you would most likely drink it in the morning since it contains caffeine. I just think it is a great alternative to energy drinks plus it has a lot of other benefits.

Of course I drink that, what with being part-gaucho South American and all! :smile: And I love it! Just, how exactly do you drink it?

Right now I have just been drinking it like tea. I order a box of tea bags. I want to try it the traditional way tho :grin:

A wonderful tea!
Incredibly good for you too…
Its definitely best to drink in loose leaf form… and to pour hot but not boiling water over it…
Also, Mate contains Mateine, a molecule similar to caffeine but instead of negatively affecting the central nervous system like caffeine does, it stimulates muscle tissue instead, giving us the feeling of being energized without jitters or a crash…
Mate also contains lots of antioxidants - even more than green tea…
And you can steep the same leaves a few times and still get strong flavor
Love it!

I bought a gourd and bombilla recently. But I still sometimes buy the bottled stuff. Those first few gourds are intense! I am still working on getting the ritual down. I really like how many times I can refill the gourd and get some mileage out of the yerba. My friend carrys hot water in an insulated bottled along with his gourd to make it through work.

Well im actually going to go buy some loose leaf :woo:. Perhaps maybe a gourd too!