yes, i implore assistance in WILDing

okay, i’ve been trying to do WILD for quite awhile now. What I"ve experienced is that I start feeling a tingly feeling in my hands and legs, and last night my body went numb. I can’t get any further! Can someone give me suggestions and help me with my dilemma?

by the way, i just wanted to add that everytime i hear a noise like footsteps from my parents downstairs, i get brought out of the hypnagogic trance. What else should I do? Should i get ear plugs?

Ear plugs can be very useful, I use them quite often.

When do you try to WILD? It is a lot easier when you have already been sleeping for a while. Combining it with WBTB is probably the best way to make a WILD work. It is also possible to WILD if you are one of those people who nap in the afternoon. I did that while i was in school, and got some lucid dreams from it.

i didn’t know that. everytime that i try to WILD once every few nights but I like to have a consistent continuous sleep.

Consistent continuous sleep is not in an LD’er’s vocabulary. The best way to make any method work is to combine it with WBTB.