Yes, it finally worked!! (WILD)

Alright, Wild worked. This is how it went:

well i was drinking with my friends and i went to sleep at like ten. I woke up at like 4 in the morning, then, just lay in my bed for like an hour before attempting a WILD. Minutes later, i witnessed before my eyes that HIpnotic imagery (Pardon my spelling or whatever), and then i felt my body sink into my bed. i did not panic, i then entered like a white room (like a museum, featuring paintings on the wall with events like)… hanging in the village and what not so i “chose” that one and quickly entered it somehow. (Can’t explain it , sorry lol) and then it was history. I went invisible, and so many other things. Driving was cool, flying like superman lol.

Anyways, comments would be appreciated thanks!

gratz ive tried to WILD but when i thought about it if i get creeped out and have the hallucinations, i dont know but ever sence i read one ive been thinking of what would creep me out the most and thats probly not the smartest thing to do since i might think of it then it would happen and ive only been thinking of things to scare me and lol im terrafied but i guess ill try it tonite lol

Well done!

The museum thing is interesting… Were you actually thinking about it (thus projecting into that thought) or was it random? I once projected into an imaginary Simpson episode I had started thinking about. The following time, I ended up in a white room after zooming into a greyish point that came up during the hypnagogic state and wouldn’t go away.

No, it just spontaniously happend. It was very interesting.

Thats cool man! The closest i got from a LD with WILD, was the HI state. Im probably goint o try again with WBTB.


Practice won’t make you perfect, but it helps. Keep trying and you’ll get it eventually.

thanks, i will


I’ve successfully WILDed only once. You can check it out here: A Dark Descent

The sinking through the bed feeling is cool isn’t it? Just think; normally that sort of thing makes you thrash awake. Imagine all the times you could have been close to WILDing if you had just known what was going on…

I have not had much luck with WILDing since then. I always slip out of consciousness…

Yes, it is tough. I find that i have trouble conjuring up the imagery you see. I usually only try it when i haven’t slept for the amount of time needed.