YES! we're back!

We are back on a new server.

:cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :partying_face: :beer:

Our thanks go out to Hypnodude, who has worked day and night to put the forum on his server and have it back online as soon as possible. :user:

His sig is really true :flower:

Hypnodude,Hypnodude,Hypnodude :cheesy:

I already thought the best LDing forum is going to close down.Please now shocks like this again… :wink:

Strange,a few days before it was down i recalled suddenly no dreams,perhaps now my dream recall will recover? hopefully


Not to rush anyone but maybe we should get rid of the “forum locked” announcments? It might be confusing to newbies. :smile:

You’re right! :smile:


Yea! I thought I was gonna be one of those people who got into something really cool right before it died… But hey, it was meant to be, right? I mean, pasQuale dreamt this website up, it must be here for some reason :content: .

Wait a second… Reality check…

Phew :content:

This is good news! Just have to wait for folks to notice :smile:
Long live Hypnodude ( is that some kind of german server? can’t understand a word of whats written at the index.html)
Had to login again, lucky I remebered the password :smile:

Thanks Hypnodude & Pasquale - you’re doing a great job :content:

It’s in Dutch :smile:

Woha nice to see that the forum is back :smile:

It seems faster also :grin:

That might be true. The old server was often slow and unreliable and didn’t work from the computer at the school. I would be grate if this server is better. But how knows, it might have some bad days thisone too.


Cool… the night after i wrote this i recalled my dreams again,and the last night also → praise the forum,the drought is ended :happy:


Just thought I’d mention it… The link from the N54 forum to this one (the new forum can be found here), still links to the vervex site.

thanks for mentioning it :shy: fixed… :grin:

Where are everybody? There have been very litle activity here lately. The forum has kinda died after it moved, why?

I don’t know… I think it has to do with the fact that very few topics are being created, however. I visit the forum when I get up and before I go to sleep, and I used to see about 20 messages new at each time, now I only see less than 10.

Well, I was away for a while, and I found that there were 64 new posts when I returned. I was away for 6 days, and when thinking of that several new posts in a topic is considered as one new post, I find that pretty normal.

grate avatar Hypnodude, I liked that one.