Yet another LD mask: REMask

My first post here… :smile:

I was looking around at different tools (e.g. REM-Dreamer, etc) and found this:

direct link to seller removed. Please do not link directly to vendors

Anyone have any experience with this one?

I hope the band doesn’t sue the maker.
I am, of course, kidding. I haven’t tried it, or any LD machine, so my only addition to this discussion is the band joke.

i found the link on ebay and the website of the maker of this device. It looks interesting, it uses a new way of detecting REM which i think is probably the most effective way. It is wired and wireless, and can send a light cue and sound cue via your own wav file. It can connect to a computer giving you the option of uploading your sleep data to your computer making it into a supernova dreamer clone, and all this for $130 wired or $155 wireless. I may get one when i start seeing user reviews.

only thing i find strange is the look of the sleep mask, and i don’t see where the LED’s go, look at these pics that i have uploaded to imageshack … ace9fi.jpg … ont1sr.jpg