yet another shortcut idea

Any ideas on setting up an automatic recorder/playback device which would say something like “You’re dreaming” for a minute or so every 2-3 hrs; not loud enough to wake you, but maybe get your attention if you are dreaming?

I’ve had lots of LDs, but cant come up with a way to get them to come. they just seem to come randomly.

a wav file would be the easiest thing. just record the phrase, leave about 2 minutes of blank space (or whatever interval you want the sound to play back at) and burn it on a cd. then you play the cd on repeat. i do this with bwgen presets or music cd’s.

or you can just play it back from the computer.

I saw that a lot of times, but I just don’t remember where. Perhaps in the “HOW/Softwares” in the wings above the forum.

Seems to be quite normal… If you find a method that gives you non-random LD, please tell us ! :cool_laugh:

I just found this topic :
[url]A computer program I need]
It’s about the same thing.