Yet More Info on Possibly Prolonging LD's...

So last night, in my LD, I felt the dream fading, but rather than rubbing hands or something, I simply WILLED the dream to stay.

It’s a little tough to explain, but by concentrating really hard on keeping the dream world stable, my mind went away from “what happens if I wake up?”, and was concentrated on the lucidity of the dream. After I stopped willing the dream, I woke up…

Thoughts? I’m gonna be updating this topic as well.

I’m interested if you can succeed with this method.

In a book Oliver Fox wrote that if he stayed in a lucid dream (he called them dreams of knowledge) he would start to get a headache. But if he fought against the headache for a while it would stop and he could then stay as long as he wanted.

I find my LDs fade so quickly its difficult to use any prolonging technique. But some of my other dream control is developing through willing.

So if I can remember in an LD, I will try willing to prolong dream. :smile:

Rubbing hands never did wonders for me. I find that either looking and focusing on my hand, or looking down at my feets until everything is as clear and focused is the best techique. So if one or the other doesn’t seem to work, try one of the others! It’s like RC’s. Different successrates for different people.

I find that an excellent way of improving the quality of your LD while enjoying the intricacies of what your mind can produce is to simply look around. Focus on somthing. If it’s small enough, pick it up. Examine it. Touch it. Smell it. Taste it. And then look at what else you can see and think “wow this was all created by my mind/brain (replace according to beliefs)”. R3TR0 says it better, but this is the technique in general. I’ve used it on at least 5 occasions. Not only is it fun, but it helps!

Yes, I find this helpful as well. I like feeling the texture of things in my dreams, and I never cease to be amazed! I have used several lucid dreams in the past just examining how real the dreamworld seems, and as most of you know…it’s just as real as in waking life! I love tasting things though, but interestingly enough, most of what I have tasted in my lucid dreams, isn’t food. I guess it’s just not that much food around. I have tasted a lot of things though. Like wood. I just lick it, and think “wow, this really taste like wood!”. The strange thing is that this will keep me excited for days… I guess I’m simple :happy:

After i ceased (for awhile) to use spinning, etc methods to keep LD, i have used mostly verbal commands to keep me within LD. For example say something like that in your own language, because it’s just translation into English (i’m not English speaker IRL), what i use to do to keep myself in LD: “This is a stabilized LD!”. Or similar. Just get used of verbal commands (remember: words spoken out whether in dream, or in RL will affect your brain more than just a thought that has not been spoken out aloud), and experience with them until you find statements that work the best for you. Verbal commands are not useful for only prolonging your LD-s, but also moving things within LD-s. So if you want something to move into other place, practice commanding it to move and BELIEVE that it works. Then it works. Good luck :content:

Another dreamer who can do this!? :content: fantastic!!

[my mind went away from “what happens if I wake up?”]: What you did with that was great! The next time you try sustaining the stability of your LD, do just that again! Focusing on the dream and solely on the dream, giving little regard to the real world, will definately improve the length of time that you can remain in your LD!! Lemme know how it goes when you try it again! :content: I used the same method that you’re using to learn how to extend Dreamtime over Realtime.
I think you’ve just reached a BIG step in Lucid Dreaming! :content: or at least to me it was a BIG step when I first reached it.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really help!.. in LDs :tongue:

I love doing that! I like to roll in the grass. Sometimes I like to talk to the DCS while doing stuff like that - “Look at this grass! My brain made this grass! I’M ROLLING IN THE GRASS OF MY OWN BRAIN!”

You should make this into an experiment. To see how long people can get their LDs.

Cool! I can do that too! Like this morning, I got woken up early so I went back to bed and became lucid pretty quickly, (I am on a roll right now, except for one day, at least one lucid dream every night for two weeks!) I kept having to jerk myself back into it because my siblings had Veggietales, (it’s a kid’s show,) running in the next room and from time to time I would start to hear it and the dream would start to fade and I could feel myself waking up. I just have to concentrate on willing it to stay and it does, (I can also wake myself up at will,) saying something like “Oh no, you don’t!” (which is my automatic reaction, laughs) I had to do this like 5 times and then I heard something about it being almost almost 11:30 so I let myself wake up…laughs :grin:

I wake up when I worry that I will wake up.

This is a good avenue of exploration.

I thought I might be lucid forever this morning until my alarm woke me. I was pondering if I had woken up in a friends house and jumped realities but a quick looking at a book convinced me otherwise, followed by more and more odd dreamy quirks.

being in a reality but not being of it, and trying to weigh which reality has more pull.


Rubbing hands and spinning has never worked for me. In my last LD (last night) I didn’t even try those. I just relaxed my self and “Willed” the dream to stay. It worked! I like this technique.

You can read more in my DJ about this dream (see signature)

I literally laughed out loud when I read those. I did that with a brick once. Even when you get used to them, LDs are still amazing in that they can be as realistic (or more) as RL.

I tried making my french teacher explode but it didn’t work IRL… :sad:
How surprising!! ;p

When I became lucid this morning, the dream faded, but I managed to will myself not to wake up. :happy:

I imagined walking around and dream started again. But I lost lucidity. When I regained lucidity again, I woke up completely. :sad:

I think will power is worth exploring - to help become lucid, to exercise dream control, and to prolong dreams.