Yikes....I don't know WHAT to make out of this...

Some of you might remember my post about 8:16 and the Spiral (Golden Mean)

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So yesterday I was at the Mall with my best friend. We got some food, sat down to eat.

Halfway through the meal, Daniel says, “Hey man, remember that 816 thing you told me about? Well, look at the tile.”

I look down, just regular splotchy tan-pink Tile. Oddly enough, broken into rectangles you often see used for the Golden Mean measurements. He says, “Notice how it doesn’t seem to have any set design…well, look behind you.”

I look down and around and just…stared. On the tile, to my right, was a PERFECT Spiral. In fact, it was this EXACT one:


Which, coincidentally, was the first picture I saw of the mysterious shape…it was the catalyst that showed me it was not merely a ‘hallucination.’ And a few inches away was ANOTHER one, but of a Nautilus sea shell.

Now what REALLY struck us both as weird is we walked around almost the ENTIRE food court looking for these spirals to appear elsewhere, SOMEWHERE else, anywhere else. But nothing. There was only TWO, right in the spot we decided to sit at. They were the only seats available. And they were not placed like they SHOULD be there. They were off center, and only on two seperate Tiles next to each other. They didn’t flow with the design at all, the tiles themselves didn’t seem to resemble any ‘spiral’ design in any way…

It’s the most compelling and utterly obvious ‘sign’ that I’ve recieved.

I was talking to my friend on AIM today…

W8veofMutilation: did you see them anwhere else on the floor?
murd3rcityd3vil: not really
W8veofMutilation: me neither : /
murd3rcityd3vil: just… where we were sitting…

And he’s a pretty skeptical guy…he admits this is just weird.

What do you think?

I’m sorry if this is out of the context of your thread, but are you a Flaming Lips fan? There’s a song called Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell, and I was just wondering…

That’s where it’s from. :happy: And you’re about the only person ever to notice.

inoticed, i love the Flaming Lips
(sorry for the pointless post)

i’m confused as to where you saw the spiral… like it was imprinted on a tile, or the tiles formed a spiral?

you need to see Pi: Faith in Chaos, if you haven’t… pretty much the same stuff you’re talking about, exactly.