i was reading about yoga and it said it was a philosiphy and had to do with oobe or meditation or somthing but then i thought it was just about stretching. is yoga about being flexible or is it astral projecting.

i know it could be both but you cant astral project while your stretching and moving, can you?


yoga is a way of exersising the body, as well as getting in to balance. There are several forms of yoga.
One of them is where you take the postures, called “asana’s”. It is a group of exersises that complement each other. This is complemented by breathing exercises and meditation.

I have never experienced OOBE while doing the exercises, however in retrospect, when I used to do a lot of yoga (2 hours every day) I had a lot of WILDs.

Haha, that’s awesome! I was just thinking of doing yoga the other day! It’s a Japanese excersise, isn’t it? (Yoga, asana… seem to be Japanese words.) That or Chi. I was cleaning out the living room hardcore today and came across both yoga and chi tapes, so bonus prime!! I’ll look into it (and meditation.) Doumo. :wink:

Yoga is indian :smile: (not indian american but indian, indian). (As far as I know, I’m suddenly not so certain lol)

Oh yep, you’re right, it’s Hindu I guess!

i want to try it. it said that alot of yoga people are vegetarian, so maybe i have a slight advantage, lol. my mom has a yoga tape. ill look into it.

a couple weeks ago my mom was yelling at me becuase i wouldnt eat gelatin and she said that she knows a vegetarian who eats gelatin and she is very spiritual and meditates and that im not a somthing, i dont remember.
she doesnt know about half the things i do like lucid dreams or wild’s or oobe’s. even if i talk about it she doesnt listen.
i could probably worship satan and she would’nt know, lol, and that’s with candles and weird stars on my floor along with some satan books on my desk, lol. well, that’s enough ranting for now, lol.


p.s.- when you do yoga to try to have and oobe, that’s what you try to have isnt it, with yoga? do you move while you do, to adopt new positions or do you stay in one place?

basically you get into a posture and try to relax while doing it. The longer you practise, the longer you can stay in the posture and be able to relax. In the beginning you just are busy trying to stay in it, and stretch, and train your muscles to actually reach as far as you have to for the posture.

You don’t have OOBE’s while doing it. It might be that you can more easy have one when you practice yoga for some time, but not while doing yoga. At least not the Hatha yoga, which is the form i (used to) practice.

thanks for the clarification. i was wondering how you could possible practise for 2 hours a day. that is alot. i would lose intrest real quick. hey theres a yoga link at the bottom of the page. ill click on it. maybe its meant to be. if you get paid per click then yay! lol

Practicing Yoga is very much a spiritual path. It is very much a western concept as Yoga being merely excercises (asanas etc)
There is an entire philosophy and way of Life that is related to being a Yogi.
Things such as Ahimsa (complete non-voilence in word, thought and deed) and the such.
There are three divisions of Yoga.
Jnana Yoga.
Bhakta Yoga
Karma Yoga.
Jnana being the path of knowledge and focusing on meditation, self-inquiry and study of ancient texts and so on and so forth.
Bhakta being the path of devotion involving chanting, mantras, prayer, offering , etc.
And Karma Yoga which I assume is the One You are most interested in which is the path of right action, which involves more physical aspects such as hatha Yoga (asanas).
Hope this was helpful at all and someone please quickly correct Me if I AM wrong.

Even hatha yoga (the stretching-moving one we are talking about here) is said to develop the “astral body”, not to much surprise, since it stretches and stimulates tendons and collagen fibers. According to modern syntetic science collagen fibers serve as light conduit pathways and basis of the body’s consciousness, like a secondary “nervous system” or something.

I WILDed each and every morning when I was more involved in hatha yoga (60 min per day, Iyengar style). Along the stretches of the leg, headstand (shirsasana, 15 min per day) seemed to be the most powerful excercise. I do shirsasana for 10 min per day even now, rotating the picture on my monitor and watching TV. Not very spiritual, but this is what I’m today.

Even hatha-yoga works on your energetic body. All those “stretches” actually close some energetic channels and force the energy flow in a specific way. There are some yoga teachers who can tell you what circuits closes each asana.
And there is a specific asana which helps OOBE :happy:

Yoga-nidra - the yoga of sleep - those yogi enter into the deepest level of sleep fully lucid ! :happy:

And let’s not forget tantra-yoga which claims to totally transform the energy body by fully controlling sexual energy and transforming the love making into a very powerful meditation. :grin:

Which one would that be?

you also have the breathing exercises, I used to do two, one is to block your nose and hold your breath at specific interfalls, it is relaxing and will charge and clear your 'nidra’s (energy meridians).
The other one is to forcefully breathe out and then just let your belly come back, not breathe in.

I believe especilly the first breathing exercise helped me in my spirual awareness. I haven’t practiced it in a long time, I should do it again, maybe I can notice a difference in my dreams/dream recall etc.

i was looking at hatha yoga ansanas here: there are so many. how do you do them all or how do you decide which ones to do on which days or do you day the same ones every day? also i get up at 6 am and leave to school at 7. i get back at 3 pm. what time would be best for me to do these?

also i want to do hatha ansanas if i want to get better wild’s/oobe’s right?l


What you can do is get a good book which has the exercises described. What is even better is to find a yoga class of course, but I have always used my trusty yoga book :wink:

The exercises have to be build up gradually, in my book there was this exercise programme, you start with a few exercises and build them up over a period of 4 weeks.

Remember that when You begin Hatha Yoga do not force Your body into any postion that it will not freely move into.
The purpose of Yoga is primarily concerned with the Mind.
It is when Your Mind is Truly relaxed and Free, so to speak, that You can easily slip into the asanas NOT when You force Your body into those positions, this will only lead to unnessecary injury.
Just thought I write that cause You said that You saw positions on the Net, it would be unwise to simply see a picture and think “Oh I can do that”.

someone said laberge has a new book out that comes with a cd. i want to buy it. but i just spent all my money on dvds (20 dollars) lol. i need money, now im broke. crap, lol

“weird stars” and candles have NOTHING at all do to with Satanism, please do not perpetuate those fear based stereotypes.

while some kids may actually try to actually worship the Christian entity known as Satan by using “occultist” practices, they are often misguided idiots that don’t know what they are doing.

many occult practices and symbols actually have ties to ancient spiritual religions and have little to do with the worship of evil.

even practicing Satanists as an established religion (Lavey Satanism/Humanism) do not believe in Satan at all, and do not worship him.

(someone with more experience with the occult back me up on this or correct me if i’m wrong, i may very well be, but i know for a fact that just because you see stars and spiritual symbols, doesn’t mean they are evil)


Yoga originated from Indians and they would use all these stretching techniques and chakra openings as a meditation for spiritual enlightenment. Now people who do Yoga, the masters there very in tune with their energies, they could have an OBE or even a LD, they may even be doing it. But the beauty of learning Yoga is that you are more attuned to being able to have an OBE. I am learning Tai Chi, but Tai Chi isn’t to do with the chakras and stretching techniques, it’s more of a martial art which is also used for health. Talking about OBE and LD in the Tai Chi community isn’t so good. But talking about it in the Yoga community is fine because all these Yogis play with their chakra energies, which is exactly what one needs to do in order to have OBE.
I know that there is this form of Yoga called Yoga Nidra, if you google it you will learn what to do, you basically lie on your back on a hard floor with no pillow under you head. You close your eyes and listen to a guided meditation that relaxes all your muscles in your body. The session can last anything from 5 mins all the way to 2 hours in length. From the level of relaxation you get it has been noted that people often fall into altered states and others leave there body. But the great thing about Yoga Nidra is that you just lie there silently and let go of everything, it’s very much similar to what we curently do when we try to astral project, maybe you want to try it. I do it sometimes by listening to some demo i downloaded ages ago. I have been wanting to buy the CD because it’s so very relaxing.

That’s simply it, i hope i have helped.

Holy Reality You are correct, True Satanist have nothing to do with the mythological Satan and do not perform “evil” practices, yes thats right kiddies, no animal or children sacrifices no calling up demons and the such.
Yes they are in fact related to Paganism and rituals contained within.
I AM not fully researched on it but as far as I know attending a Satanist meeting would be similar to attending a meditation group or healing group.
They have alot to do with energy working and the such.
I think the only thing they could do which even nearly echoes of anything that was considered of the devil is sexual energy exchanging, I only know a little bit but there are certain practices involving sex and conjuring of energies.This is not done in an orgiastic fashion at all though.
Now someone correct me please if Im wrong.

see what happens when i watch buffy from age 10 to 12, lol. i could of sworn they use stars/candles and stuff, lol.