You Are Awake!

I came up with a rather ninja idea today. I have written the words “YOU ARE AWAKE” on 11 archsof paper with one letter per paper.I put all of the papers in teh correct order in the roof over my bed. So now the first thing i will se when i wake up is “YOU ARE AWAKE” so now it should be seriously more easy to get lucid durin FAs :content:

I migt put up a picture later :smile:

BTW Radiohead must be one of the greatest bands ever. :music:

But what if you believe it when you have a FA? You should put up a reminder to RC so that you can be sure. :smile:

Well you cant read verry well during dreams :razz:
And it is still really coool.

Yeah, guess that’s true. I’d do a RC just in case though. :grin:

Not neccessarily true. I can read just fine in dreams. :tongue:

The problem with that is, you will become accustomed to seeing it when you wake up so eventually it will work it’s way into your FAs too.

Maybe “are you dreaming?” would be the better course. :content:

I agree that it is a ninja idea. I think I agree with Dark Matter though, because I think you would become accustomed to seeing it above your bed because it’s never-changing (I believe clocks “malfunction” in dreams because they are constantly changing).

I also agree with you that Radiohead is one of the best bands ever!

Im gonmna change it to ARE YOU AWAKE and i will do an RC every time i cit :happy:

Or you can just remind yourself every time you get to sleep, that “When i wake up, i will do RC” and squeeze your nose. It becomes habit soon, and you start to do RC every time you wake up during dream cycles. And that means that you have high chance to do RC also when you THINK that you woke up, while you actually have a FA :content:

I tried writing a note to do a reality check and putting it in my hand when I went to sleep, then doing MILD alternating between “I will look at the note” and “The note is in my right hand”, but that didn’t work.