You are becoming very sleepy...

I was thinking that the MILD teqnique is a lot like self-hypnotism. I plan to hypnotise LD permantly into me, so I have one evry hight. I was reading articles.

These are from: But watch out. Thewebsite seems crazy (no offense, if anyone belongs to that website). They seem to construct sentances so badly. Lol.

Has anyone tried any form of hypnotism. Is it like LD. If I can induce hypnotism I will look at my hands, to see wether it’s just a dream.

I’ve been trying a week and can honestly say I am a complete failure. I’ve tried self-hypnosis and hypnosis by the warp my mind files… self-hypnosis once and lots of times with the warp my mind files, because it’s so much easier! I agree that MILD is just like hypnosis, in fact I was thinking of this last night before I failed with hypnosis again… but that could have been because I was afraid my mom would barge in on me again. Puhlleeaassse someone post a link on tips to get into hypnosis easily! Maybe detailed descriptions would be nice. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be thinking clearly, straying in thoughts, paying attention or not paying attention, or even if I’m supposed to be conscious…

by the way techno’s FIRST site is good, I really like that example it gave! Hypnosis isn’t a 5-10 minute thing either… it’s pretty darn long. And I’ve heard that you have to keep repeating the suggestions until you get strong results.

don’t try the second site. I see porn. crappy porn might i add. but the crappy site does link to this site, which I am currently checking out…

wait… sweet, a FAQ!!!

That’s where I got my first site. Yes, the porn is crap.

Actually, upon looking at the sights, it’s more like a WILD, where you are keepping the patient from slipping into sleep. The patient exibits signs of REM, and then Non-REM. I’m impressed that someone can get a person into REm stages without alowing them to stop responding.

wouldn’t the porn be against ld4all’s terms of use and also that of Q’s server which could risk the forum being closed?

:eh: i don’t get it… one of those links mentioned here leads to an adult site? if so please remove it…

DM don’t worry, that will only happen if i decide to put adult material on the server, not if somebody links to it.

No, it leads to this crappy hypnosis site… then I click on a link to information about hypnosis… and wham porn. WHAT!!! Also leads to an ad trying to sell some hypnosis stuff. Heheh!!! I tried self-hypnosis yesterday, I did both LDs and dream recall in one session. LDs? No. Dream recall? Perhaps a tiny success, but nowhere near what I was telling my subconscious to do (I wanted every dream possible, is that a little greedy…?) I’ll try again with ONLY dream recall tonight because it’s hard juggling two topics.