i programmed a flash software that every 15/20/25/30/45/60
/ number of minutes you want that the software cycels.

i recorded my OWN vocals that say: you are dreaming, its a dream! do a RC

it can help me if i wiil hear these voics in the middle of REM sleep ?

does it help that is my own voice ?

I’m almost completely sure that it does. Go ahead and test it!

There are a plenty of programs that proved to work, they are just like yours, I guess it will help you a lot.

good :smile:
i know alot of softwares that plays beep but in a dream you might not recongnize the beep or hear the beep as an effect from a computer or something…
and there is more chance that the beep will wake u up
thats why i record my voice to the software…
i’ll try it tonight…

what the optimal volume ? i mean its need to be loud as a recorded it or less ?

I dont think that there is a big diffrence in voice that speaks, it just have to cause you to think that are you dreaming or not. It also has to get into your dream, that might be hard.

i dont know how loud you recorded it, so i cant say; just be sure that sound will not make you wake up.


According to research the most impactfull cue that will come in to your dream is your own voice saying you own name.

really? I’ll do it!
Thanks alot.

actually i gotta question, could i just record my voice saying “are you dreaming?” or something, then put like 5 hours of no sound before it and put it on my mp3 player? would that cause me to wonder whether i am dreaming or not?

i thought that way, to make a track with every 30 minuts a vocal thats say : are you dreaming ?
that of curse will be with your voice
its can be easy.
i can do it using Cubase SX

Audacity looks much easier to use, and i use it. But i need to somehow make it say “you are dreaming” or something at the REM stage, cos i can’t put a 6 hour silence before me saying that cos it makes the file too big. i need an alarm clock that will play an mp3 file

Software for mobile phones I have wrote will do this in near future. (At the moment there is no mp3 support but you might get it as Christmas gift if I have time to implement it).

LucidWeaver dream alarm clock can be programmed to give a sound cue at every sleep cycle.

In near future you can record your own voice saying your own name like “Ollie you are dreaming!” and put it to LucidWeaver to be sounded as Dream alam at your personal sleep cycle peak.

Please check the topic:
[url]Lucid dream software for mobile phones - #15 by lucidweaver]

nice one there! unfortunately i don’t have a newer phone as i dont really need one, but i’ve finally found out how to fit 6 hours of silence onto my mp3 player, so no worries on that! :wink:

I have an idea for something to record:

start it like: AAAAndreas…(my name)
In the most naggiest, irritating voice you can.
like, when your mother comes to wake you up, softly nagging, irritating.
make it cycle for 2-3 times, and then continue with:
Aaandreas, you are dreamiiing…
Andreas, realize you are dreaaaaming…
Andreas, check your reality…

Make it a SOFT voice though…

add on: You can call this NILD, if anyone wants to give it a name. (Nagging Induced Lucid Dreaming)

MUD’s wife from the original star treck would be perfect for the nagging voice. You would ether get lucid, or wake up. :smile:

hmmm how about, get sleep for 5-6 hours, wake up, and then run the software so it played the cue every 10 minute ?

about the MP3 file, im on it i dont think its will do any troube.
the question is if the Battery will not get finished before the clue.

Just as a tip, if you are going to record yourself saying your name, you should say your first AND last name together. Your brain has become conditioned over the course of your life to recognize the sound of those two words merged together above all other sounds and will imediately draw your attention.

Want proof? Next time you are at a party or in a crowd, say someone nearby’s first name in a medium-low volume without actually addressing them. They may or may not hear you, but chances are their brain will be filtering out all the background noise to help them focus in on their own conversation.

But try it again with their first and last name, and even at a lower volume their brain will interpret this as relevant information and put it front and center in their attention.

Pretty cool, huh?

I place a small cassette tape recorder with an electrical timer next to my bed. I record my name and tell myself that I am dreaming. The tape repeats these words over and over, several times in a low voice for a period of five minutes each time. The recorder is connected to an electrical timer to go off three different times during the night, spaced about two hours apart.

The result is one of two things. Either the recorder wakes me up from sleep, OR I simply sleep right through it without hearing anything at all. The latter is more common.

Then I tried recording the same message combined with the brain wave generator on a frequency that coincides with the REM sleep level. Again, the results are the same. I either wake up or I simply sleep through it.

There must be some way to reach the dreams themselves to make me aware that I am dreaming, but I have not yet found it. I have tried several reality checks, but have not been successful with them.
I have however found a way to increase my dream recalls and slightly increase my LD’s, but not to a satisfactory extent.

I keep reading as many posts as I can in the hopes that someone will discover the key that opens the magic door. :smile: