You are master over the dream world, yet it can master you..

The 3rd realm, the realm of unconciousness…
Dreams seem to come to many humans randomly, giving hints to the future, present and past…
Just an episode of psychological symbols assembling in one’s mind…
But what happens when one can control it’s level of lucidity…
it’s own fate within this realm…
And a dreamworld…is born…
for you to explore it’s depths…
and once your spirit has become intertwined within the realms of the unconciousness…the dream world,
You become a player,
a human being, the lucid dreamer
who is stuck every night
to deal with the games the hidden master of your mind is throwing at you.
You must live through every trial, get past every danger
You have a destiny, a lengendary fate…unlike that of the realm of conciousness.
There is a dreamworld for you to save! The dull and grim claws of realism is seeping into the minds of the beautiful dreamers and corrupting their lucid spirits…creating a force of horrid darkness called “nightmare reality”
This dark force is stripping humans from their peaceful dreams and filling them with painful realities, distress, horror, great sadness, hopelessness…
Leaving all to abandon the dreamworld forever.
But now, I have accepted my destiny. In a reality, where my life is full of despair, and lost hope…where you cannot fly away from what is forced down your throat…atleast I know there is a world out there…that is calling for my help…before the reality consumes all that has been known as dreaming…the unreality…
Dropped in a vast world, where the possibilities are unlimited, I have had to train from the start, travel, endure torture, in order to become a warrior…
And because my lucidity has turned into a light of hope from the moon of the night, I will not wander lonely and helpless in my mind.
from my travels, I have gained many weapons, abilities and forms, and defeated enemies…as if the whole years of dreaming have been one lengthy RPG. But if I start to abandon my adventure, the beautiful dreams that keep me from losing myself in darkness of life, will start to fade.
I have named my dreamworld, the X3. My guardian spirit, the white tiger/white liger (with blue mane) of yang will give me the strength to keep moving.
So far, here is the list of weapons and abilities I have gained through my travels in dreams: (i know there are more out there to find…I must have faith, though i am a demon…of tranquillity and harmony i will rest)

Golden Armor of the Tiger-
Found: Ocean sector near the Island of Vampires.
Gold suit, metal, no helmet, gold wings, holy, worn by the shifter of yang/the spirit of tiger.
Star Armor:
Found: Metal City
Silver upper body half armor, diamonds about chest line. 2 sets of wings, metal, 1st emerald, 2nd ruby. Worn by the human of yang, male heart within female.

Blue Light Sword:Found:Gate of the Temple of Darkness
Gold Japanese saber: Japanese Garden
Buster Sword: Hell’s house (or dead house)
Two-edged sword: random
White metal Spanish large Bastard sword: Stolen from “Old Master” at the Fox Hall of Autumn

Other weapons:
Golden crossbow: As an Elf at the desert sector of Metal City
Twisted branch Wand: Spirit Forest
Blue star rachet: (yes…a galactic…tennis rachet…><) Star mountains
Long Jump
Gender change
Breathless swim
Random value of Money
Animal communicator
Psychic ability
Quick Run
Escape area
Energy Withdrawal (from one’s own force)
Darkness (able to become a nightmare oneself)
Quick Wake (able to awake before a nightmare climax)
Blind Psychic
Ability of Song (A healing song, that can return you to a familiar place if you are lost, or undoes mistakes.)

Animals/creatures Shifted into:
White Tiger (winged or not)
Liger (humanoid)
Tiger Demoness
Red raven

Sand Jet Ski
Water Jet Ski
Red/Black ferari
Black aerocraft

Sounds as if all were a Game, neh? and…I am the player…of this role playing game…and then again…all is not fun and games…
There is a price to pay…
Memory Loss, Immense Pain, Invisible demons who disable your ability to wake up or open your eyes, even though you struggle to. And then there’s the frustration of not being able to bring wanted objects into reality…you get something you want so bad…and then you wake up…and curse to yourself… heh heh

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good one! That’s what I feel like sometimes in my LD. By the way, are everything that you have discovered (weapons) true? What’s so special about them, I want to hear all about them! :happy:

I have discovered all of the weapons…unfortunetly I’ve been only able to use them in the dream in which I’ve found them…
But I think If I focus my thoughts on them, and keep my mind on all the things i have through lucid dreaming, i’ll be able to use them again.

The only weapons i have actually learned to use and control are:
Blue Light Sword
Buster sword
Two-edged sword
White metal large spanish Bastard saber
Golden Crossbow
Twisted Branch Wand

The Blue Light Sword actually only helped me escape from a dark temple…
a bar from the temple’s black gates glowed with a blue light and shifted into a sword. I removed the sword from it’s place, and the gates opened.

Buster Sword: I was given it when entering into an illusion formed like a haunted mansion, which was to only mask a hellish fiery abyss in the center of it. With the Buster sword, I helped a team of warriors with me slay a demon dragon within the pit.

Two-edged sword: ordinary sword…I believe i was fighting off a bluish purple Ogre with it in a dark barren land…

White Spanish Bastard sword: I didn’t know it was spanish, till’ I read the case in which it came in. I actually quickly stole this sword from “Old Master” of the Fox hall of Autumn. He was a master at sword Fencing, but being old and mindless sometimes left me the chance to steal this special sword. After he was suprised that i had easily got my hands on it, he challenged me to a duel. The sword was heavy, but large, so it was easy to block his moves. I had to end the fight shortly though, because the sword was lacking a proper handle, so i told him i would fight again when I got a proper handle.

Golden Crossbow: I was in “Metal City” (A huge technological city) when I was equipped with this. I was also Elfin at that time, so i was able to accurately use it. There happened to be a Stone Ogre troubling that area, so I used the crossbow to hit him from up high.

Twisted Branch Wand: I was in a spiritual Elfin Forest when equipped with this. An elfin girl had fallen in love with a powerful handsome forest spirit, who seemed to be a kind-hearted man…but later, once entangling her body within the vines of a realm of darkness within the forest he was found out to be an evil forest demon. Too bad, I had to rid of him, he was a well-seeming fellow. But I had saved the girl with the help of my chants and this wand…

what an interesting adverture you had! :happy:

I had been an elf before too! :wink: I remember having a special sword found in an islotated “glass” city. That’s all I can remember lol. :happy: Keep on dreaming, your dreams sound exciting to be in to RP!