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If you feel grateful for what LD4all has done for you, please donate to LD4all. Every donation goes towards keeping up and improving LD4all.

LD4all is a labour of love and needs money to keep it running. I have founded this site in 1996 to spread the art and knowledge of lucid dreaming throughout the world. We are still online thanks to your help and support!

I am thankful for everyone who has helped and is helping LD4all. Whether it is by donating your time, your energy, your help or your knowledge

Donations are handled through Patreon or Paypal

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Support on Patreon with a monthly donation. As a thank you you will receive a badge and an “avatar thingy” so you can show everyone you are not an addict! (these stay during the time you are an active supporter).

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Support with a donation on Paypal . As a thank you, you will receive a badge every time you donate :slight_smile: (Counted from the time of the forum migration in 2020).
:peek: Paypal payments are handled by Quuipo, don’t worry, she won’t spend it all on ebil cookies :ebil:

It’s also possible to direct transfer to my bank account. Please send me a private message (not going to publicly display my account info :wink: )
As a thank you, receive the supporter badge with each donation :slight_smile:

:peek: Before 2020, we didn’t have the nifty badge system yet so sponsors got their own thank you topic. :cookie:

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I accidentally sent the donation to the old Paypal account. Is that a problem? :sweat_smile:


Omg marvin thank you soo much!! :thud:

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You’re welcome. Hadn’t donated in a few years after all.