You know about how much affect this ingredients?

for have a lucid dream you know about how much affect to the dreamer this ingredients on cold pill
acetaminophen 500mg
dxm 15mg
clorfeniramine 2mg

thanks for all your help

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I don’t know about those ingredients, but most cold medicine contains some sort of sedative or depressant, like alcohol. This can cause REM rebound and in some cases very vivid nightmares.

small doses of dxm increase the vividness of my dreams, but high doses give me a dreamless sleep

if it has an affect i would guess its the dxm, since that is a hallucinogen in high doses, in small doses it probably has a small psychoactive effect. people have reported similarly with nutmeg. i wouldn’t do it though.

try to go the natural way

Speaking of natural way, this works for me.

  1. Don’t eat anything for at least 90 minutes.

  2. Eat anywhere from one to three bananas.

  3. Sleep.

I’m assuming it’s the tryptophan and B vitamins, but I swear bananas give me awesome dreams. And they’re healthy, too.