YOU WONT BELIEVE MY PROGRESS ..sorry i havent been on

you wont believe my progress!

I had 2 lucid dreams in a row 2 nights ago and then 2 lucid dreams in a row last night!!!

my secret?: counting my fingers before i go to sleep

and my main RC is looking at text or a clock

oh my computer at home has a virus thats why i havent been on much

i will write about my lucid dreams in my diary later on

but I closed my eyes in an ld! it put me in a FA everytime! and the cool thing is it keeps you lucid if you are in the previous dream scene.
im having GREAT dream recall and REALLLLY long ld’s.

When you close your eyes in a dream you open your eyes in another dream scene, and you remain lucid (well for me) if you were lucid before. Its a great way to escape a scary dream. !! im hysterical about my progress about having 2 long lucid dreams in a row !! in 2 nights in a row. hopefully im getting to the point where ill have one every night. Im sorry i havent been writing them its just my comptuter is being dumb.


i can fly really good now…the greatest method is to put your hands up in the air and pretend there is energy coming from you. then you will rise up.

heres a sample of what happend to me…

i was on a building and i was bored…i practically did everything i wanted to do. so i closed my eyes to experiemtn

half of my eyelids was black, the other half white.

I woke up on a bench, it was very cold and the grass was wet. I began flying.


welll talk to you another time cause my computer at home (im using my school computer ) has a virus


:happy: thanx

Wow! I’ll go and read your updated journal when you post your LDs. :partying_face: :thumbs: You may be my inspiration for tonight!! :wiske:

So all you do is just count your fingers before you go to sleep and you are guarnateed a LD?? could you please explain!?

Do you count in your head or your fingers? Closing your eyes can wake you up (or mabye not?!)

i’m so confused

No bigjedman; before she goes to bed, she focuses her mind on having an LD by counting her fingers. It’s sort of like quick MILD. What I did this morning when I woke up- I went to the bathroom, got back in bad (boy was it cold) and said, “Ok, gonna have a lucid dream.” then went to sleep. Just 3 times I said that, and in a hurry. Then I waited half an hour to get back to sleep (sucks for me eh) and I did indeed have a crappy lucid dream, even after I let my mind wander for half an hour after telling myself I’d have a LD!. Whoa, it’s that easy. Maybe it was the 30 mins I stayed awake, I don’t know.

I have a special thing I do. Before I go to bed I do this three times.

  1. I look at my fingers and say a word for each of my fingers
    I say: (pinky) ITS (ring finger) OUR (middle finger) PAL (index) PRON
    (thumb) TOE

so i say “its our pal pronto!” but i say pronto with two syllbbles i say that cause it comes off one of my favorite t.v shows

  1. I put my pinky and my ring finger together and i say “two” . Then I put my index, middle, and thumb together and say “three”. Then I do it again but backwards. I put my index, middle, and thumb together and say “three” then go back to “two”

  2. Then I end it with counting all my fingers like “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” then saying WOO!

that helps for me . I do it three or 2 times. You can do it with both or just one of your hands.

What I also do is keep saying “I will have a lucid dream” until I fall asleep. That guarnatees me at least 2 lucid dreams (sometimes)

report back to me and see how it goes!! :shy:

This works really well, don’t dare tell me this is only a placebo test or something.

a placebo test? how can it be a placebo test if i dont even know what one is

Placebo - like Dumbo’s feather…
Hmmm… I kind of think that mostly anything that works with something like LD’ing is usually really just a very good placebo. It really is only our mind that does it anyways…