~*~Your avatars~*~

Hiya! I was just wondering why you guys chose the avatars that you did and what significance they have to you mrgreen:

I chose mine because I found it pretty cute and it looks like she’s sleeping (?dreaming?), which is sort of relevant here :shy:

What about the rest of you? :content:

this is cut from a screenshot of the videogame Timesplitters 2 for the Playstation 2.
it’s a character called the undead priest.
i just liked the way it looked with it’s head all tilted like he’s saying “hiya!”
plus it’s a dead guy… eric-the-ded.

I really like mine; it has a childish enthusiasm artwork about it, also an aboriginal weave in its modern ambiance. Artwork I can relate too, in it’s message. The color of green is always significant.

I think all of these symbols are significant, just as dream symbolism, your name, and your energy.

umm…ill save you explanations:)

:red: lol:

LMAO at Jeff.

My icon has a 2-year history, it’s a cropped version of a face from a 3d render, with my name added.


I made this one all by myself.
I copied one of the smilies from the ‘Emoticon’ library and added the ‘stars’ and the ladder to it.

It represents my quest to ‘reach for the stars’…and I was also jealous of the moderators having all the stars under their names.

hehehe that ladder Avatar looks cool :wink: .

especially the odd look on the guy’s face :grin: .

I wish I had an avatar… but I can’t think of anything to use, once I made an avatar for another forum, it was the icon of a flamethrower guy from Command & Conquer: Red Alert with the “Flamethrower” text changed to “SeanIRL”.

And where’s kmcdonald? he always has such weird avatars.

I wonder what his newest one’s about???.. it’s like black and blue and stuff.

:sad: I made an image but I can’t use it. My ISPs won’t let me.
Freeserve (not free - £12 a month) removed my website cos i used an avatar and FreeUK (calls charged at local rate) which my dad uses for his website doesn’t seem to work for this.

It may sound foolish but I’m less inclined to post if I don’t have a personal visual representation.

So can anyone tell me where I can get my avatar hosted?

My avatar is of the northern light. The northen light always fascinates me, and it does also have a “super-natural”/“dream-like” apperance, it is changing all the time, but so slowly that you kind of just can’t see it. That’s about it :content:

bowelfish: I will gladly host your avatar at the same place as I have mine, if you send me it by e-mail. Then I will PM you the adress.

bowelfish: www.boomspeed.com is good.

I think my avatar’s getting a bit boring. Well, it’s my name splattered out on a rusty metal plate or something.

LucidityX1000, I can’t decide whether your avatar is actually animating, or if it’s just my screen shaking due to all the fluorescent lights in this office. :grin:

I honestly have no idea what my Avatar is, though when I look at it I always think of those ancient Egyptian idols, like Pharaoh and such. It’s hard to determine if that’s what it actually is, but it certainly gives me that impression.

I guess I chose it because it represents an alternate world, which is something that appeals to me.

It doesn’t look to me like Lucidity’s avatar is animated :confused:

ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe I can’t wait to see your new avtar soon…

Mine’s from THU’s cover. I see it as an individual mind looking down at something from a high vantage point. It’s eyes closed and the serious face implies deep and concerning thought, possibly asleep or at a higher Focus level. The face itself is holographic and detached from its body, yet it seems to be part of time-space itself as it flattens out on the plain. It resembles an astral projection flying through There as a wave, possibly as quantum energy, because it’s in wireframe similar to a plotted graph of a measuring device. I find it relevant to use as my avtar since I have an interest in developing a Different Overview (in Monroe’s terms) and the ability to fly and explore everything. I guess it’s good for now.

well, i think this beautiful picture of this hand looks good with claudia, dont you? :grin:
…and i’m not too good with computres, so i dunno how to make my own avatar and put it here…:grin:
…and i have a real reason too. in my first (and only) ld, i looked my hands, and after that everything was more clear. so the hand thing is nice for me.

reality failure, your avatar is sweet :content: looks like youve taken your stars off =p

My baby is just so damn freaky, found it sometime ago and used it as my icon in deviantart.com after that its stuck to me.
its expression looks kind of like he knows something that you dont, maybe some unreal power :content:

Atheist: Your avatar makes me think of a robot :alien:

My avatar is not animated. I was actually thinking of making it animated :wiske: Maybe it’s a good idea? But I don’t have the tools for making it animated :sad: Maybe someone can recommend a program for me?

LucidityX1000, I think animated pictures can be done through .gif format but photopaint only makes .avi and I’m not familiar with adobe photoshop. I’d also like to make a small animated av.

I once used Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” which I may use again one day. Now I use a resized image my friend made originally for desktop wallpaper. She created it on her Mac, she has a walcom tablet but made this image with her mouse. I liked it so much that I bumped Vincent for the time being. Sorry Vincent.
She use to have lots of images for people to use, but her website looks like she removed them. You can bug her at https://www.angelfire.com/punk/BrilliantTrash/ and maybe she’ll repost them. beware of the pop-up ads Maybe she’ll even be inspired to make some neat avatars. If you can’t find her email, then just talk to God. Same thing really. :neutral:

It’s our opposites that attract. :devil: :angel: :wink:

I also like to find avatars to use on the holidays. Afterwards, my original avatar is reposted.

ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe you have the coolest avatar, jack’s is now my second best. :mrgreen: LucidityX1000 is also a favorite. Did you know I saw the northern lights in South Carolina!! :woah: No lie! they were a bright beautiful red that covered one-half of the sky. I seen them twice actually. It was on the news and stuff :confused: I wonder if that makes them southern lights?

bowelfish, read Avatar problems some kind people are here to help, you can also email me the avatar and I’ll be glad to host.

Adobe Photoshop comes with ImageReady which is a cousin program to Photoshop which can be used to animate .gif’s. But really, I like 1 frame images much more :smile: