Your best Lucid dreams experienced

Hey, Can you guys tell me one of your best lucid Dreams or lucid experience you’ve ever had.

this can include, but not limited to:
-having a down to earth conversation with DC
-making it seem like you’ve been a LD longer than the actual time
-fighting your Doppel ganger
-fighting a monster

  • seeing something cool during sleep paralysis
    -find dream guide
    -fight zombies

There’s a number of really good lucid dreams that I’ve had, some of which are also in my DJ here on the site. I’ll link you to three (all are from last year).

- Personal first: meeting a Dream Guide!
This is the first time I met my dream guide, where he taught me how to terraform my neighborhood.

- Rapping with my Dream Guide!
The second time I met him, when I did an improvised rap. I didn’t remember the rap itself, so that’s not part of the dream, but it gives you some more insight into how my dream guide acts.

- Trying to get to Silverwind City
Scroll down a bit to Dream #5. A random good LD I picked. This is one where I try go get to an imaginary city that I created for a story I’m writing. Also shows how weird stuff can happen even if you’re lucid and that things don’t always go the way we planned.

Creating a pool! My intention was to create water , so i stared intensely on a spot and thought of water. In the begining i conjured some blue birds and flowers(hehe) Then it came a puddle of water, the another one and eventually i had conjured a whole pool!

Today at 10:00 AM I had my first successful and pretty wild DEILD.

The dream I woke up from was a hostage situation. It was weird since it took place in the middle of a busy street but that’s how dreams work.

Anyways, after I woke I thought that it might be nice if I attempted a rescue. I knew that the one who had been holding hostages had had enough time to call for backup so I brought an M4A1 and some backup of my own. I imagined creeping up from behind the corner and started shooting. About this time I was already sleeping.

When I came under heavy fire, I jumped onto the river water and let myself sink under. At first I didn’t sink because it was a dream. When I saw my backup guy swimming towards me, I jumped out of the water and started to fly. Flying is easy for me, I just imagined that there were propulsion systems underneath my shoes.

The main enemy was now in a helicopter and we went after him. I just flew and shot at him at the same time. When we reached some skyscrapers, he tried to turn the tables on me but I had more maneuverability and escaped.

At some point I think I lost lucidity due to the action but it was definitely a successful DEILD. I know that it wasn’t just my vivid imagination because of 2 things. Firstly, I felt the water and the sensation of flying. Secondly, the bullets didn’t do much damage as in most of my dreams.

It is the best LD I have had because it was obtained by Chaining which is a reliable tech for LD-ing and I’m happy that it worked so well.

Once I had a wild LD-fight with another person that looked exactly like me, I choked him nearly to death in the end o.O
Was an … interesting experience.
Later in that LD I created a lightsaber out of nothing and watched its parts build together - awesome :smile:

I was lucid once and woke up after a few minutes. It was thunder and lightning outside really badly. I had the slight suspicion that I was still dreaming so I plugged my nose, could still breath. False awakening :smile: my room was perfectly the way it should be. I got outta bed and walked out on the front porch and watched the apocalyptic thunderstorm. I heard a more surprising bang and woke up again, this time in real life. It was lightning and thundering Madly outside in real life. The weather channel even had a severe thunderstorm warning for our area.

One of my favorite lucids. My dream world and physical world were so in tune that night.

My best LD was when I was doing contortion in a dream. It was really cool becuase I could do things that I couldn’t do in real life. Like a Handstand.

My favorite lucid dream is probably the one I had this morning.
I was having an argument with a DC, who didn’t believe that we were in a dream. At this point, it was still a ND, but then I said “Oh really?” and two fireballs formed in my hands as I suddenly became lucid. A little while later, I decided to summon my DG, so I tried a technique I had read on these forums. However, instead of my DG, Slenderman appeared. :eek:
He attacked me, and we began fighting. As I was about to lose, I shouted my DG’s name in an attempt at summoning him, and he appeared. He defeated the enemy in a matter of seconds. We hanged out after that, and I decided to do a reality check just for fun. I looked at my left hand, and there were a few letters on it that changed each time I blinked. It was funny, but I woke up after that. :neutral:

Probably my newest one where i flied around my house. I had read the flying techniques topic and then i remembered how it said that the superman pose is a good flying position but the steering is crap. I tried it out and it’s true, the steering IS crap. Sadly, when i went to fly outside and stopped flying some DC warned me about something and i lost lucidity. It was awesome :happy:

A few weeks ago I was inducted into the Green Lantern Corp. I have been doing some combat scenarios but no real fighting. We were doing the basic flight training, dodging maneuvers and such. She was shooting light blasts at me when all of a sudden we were attacked by a member of the Sinestro Corp. Even though we ended up running away to prevent any mishaps or loss of life, this fight was probably the best experience I have ever had in a Lucid Dream.