Your dream theme?

Idk if this is the right place to post but.
What is your most frequent dream theme? Mine is often chase dreams and flying dreams. Also sexual dreams :shy:
For me, chase dreams are so intense!! So is flying too but sexual is actually annoying.

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lucid dream :tongue:

Lol i dont mean like that, well what happens often in ur lucid dream?

I don’t tend to have consistent themes anymore. Wait no, actually the only I can think of is in FAs. They are always Type 2, and I am always paralysed. That as close to a “theme” I can get.

Mine vary greatly from time to time, but recently it’s traveling, superheroes, videogames, and random family events. And of course, none of these I have experienced in one week IWL at least :tongue:


Lakes, trains and trams :razz:

Green… Places? Stuff… There’s always some green :tongue:

I haven’t had a full lucid dream but my most common theme for ND is reality…boring boring reality i next to never have Dreams with anything cool or unreal :neutral:

Oh yeah, also in quiet a few of my dreams my high school is a theme, even though I finished it. I think it’s this massive dream sign I miss, though.

Mostly nightmares, but I seem to enjoy to think about them when I’m awake. Mostly chase and things, sometimes old phobias like drug needles and such. Most of my dreams are quite bizarre and wierd, like two days ago I was dreaming that there are zits all over my legs, and when I squize them, a white paper comes out. So wierd.

Oh of course! how could I forget:

Exploring homes and interesting buildings. :content:

You took the words out of my mouth. Except that I haven’t yet finished High School.

90% of my recent dreams happen at high school. HUGE missed dream sign…

I see Dead people in my dreams.

I have never had a certain theme for my dreams, every 1 has it’s own theme, but if a theme is seeing people in dreams? then Yeah…that about as close to a theme as i can get.

Often fleeing, trying to escape from someone or from somewhere. It is not scary, just exciting :smile:.

It used to be a lot of flying around and/or being chased by people (as in exciting, not necessarily nightmare-ish).

But lately those haven’t happened as often as in the past. A lot of my dreams seem to revolve around current events in my life. Video games often feature. Or happenings from my daily life will return in some form. Actually, compared to previous years, my dreams make more sense to me than they did before.

One reason might be that my life as of late has been somewhat routine, at least as far as daily activity goes. University 4 days a week makes for regular traveling and interaction with roughly the same people. I don’t have a lot of time to do other stuff, so I tend to not get too many “random” elements in my dreams.

That said, I keep having dreams about this one person I was friends with in high school. We haven’t seen or spoken in over 6 years. And we were never really that close to begin with. Yet I’ve written down at least 6 or 7 dreams where he was a “main character.”

But I digress.

One of the most common themes for me is living in my parents’ apartment (where I lived as a child and a teenager) even though being grown up.
Another very common one is being lost somewhere, not being able to find my way, or having parked my car somewhere and not being able to find it when I come back.
Also school and school related things are very common for me (I am a teacher in my waking life).

My themes tend to change over time. For a while, it was common for my dreams to involve videogame characters of some sort. After that, I had a really frustrating theme: I’d have a false awakening, jot down a detailed account of my dream in my DJ, then wake up with no memory of the dream I’d just had. Fortunately, that’s becoming less common.

The only prevailing theme, from what I can recollect, is my house. Quite a few of my dreams either took place at my house, or slowly morphed into my house as the dream went on. If this does not occur, my dreams are extremely random, and that’s how I like 'em.