Your experiences when becoming lucid

I was just wondering what happens to different people when they realize they are dreaming.

Personally, for example in a lucid dream I had a few nights ago, I looked at my hands and realized my pinky was in the wrong spot. Realizing I was dreaming, there was a large thundering sound and my field of view increased and colors exploded out of the relative greyness that was before.

So what takes place in your dreams when this happens? :smile:

Usually nothing special happens to me :tongue: but a few times, something loud/frightening happens and i wake up…most frustrating thing ever! This one creepy time, as soon as i became lucid, i heard “He knows” and there was this loud explosion sound. I turn around and as my dream fades, i see this shadow man in my kitchen…weird

[color=olive]Once the DCs around me turned to demons and zombies upon becoming lucid. url=[/url]. It was as if they didn’t want me to become lucid…:gni: I couldn’t really blame em for wanting that.

Other than that the loud noises and/or screams would occur as a rare HH before entry.[/color]

When I realise that I’m dreaming, there is no difference in vividness or colour since my dreams are always as clear as real life. But I do get the feeling of freedom that I can now deviate from the dream plot and do what I want. :spinning:

…lol, sounds creepy.

I get that too, where I wake up but half the time its a FA, which is kinda nice.

@Koharo do you find your HH are relatively tame most of the time them?

@moogle Are they like that because of training yourself to dream journal and remember those details or have they always been like that?

The dreams I remember have always been clear BUT keeping a DJ means I remember more of them. Previously I would only remember a few dreams a month.

Looking at my old recall record when I first began calendar in first DJ part you can see the difference between September and December in 2003.

I’ve noticed lately when I have LD’s that my lucidity isn’t even brought on by an RC or any sort of dream sign or abnormality. I think it’s because I only LD in the mornings after I initially wake up. I go back to sleep for a short time with the intention of an LD so when I start to dream I still remember my intent and remember that I am sleeping.

I also often dream that my son never got up for school, which I know isn’t true because when I awake initially I go to check and make sure that he made it on the bus. So once I see my son I know that I am dreaming! I’ve been using sleep paralysis as sort of a RC because I often hallucinate that my husband is coming back into my room, or I hear the sounds of the shower or a car pull up in the driveway, all things that I know never happen at this point in the morning.

This morning I noticed that I am able to realize that I’m dreaming just from a bodily sensation. I feel a little bit tingly and very light - almost weightless. Then I notice that everything has a gilded sheen to it. I test my theory by trying to float, and find that I can effortlessly lift my legs and glide around… The rest of the dream I struggle to keep stable because I always feel like I will wake up any second. I usually concentrate on my hand or another object to keep me in the dream

@dreamincolor so are you WILDing most of the time in the mornings or just sortof WBTB MILDing?
Thats interesting, about the sensation. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like that before. Is it usually reliable?

@moogle so you either remembered them clearly or not at all?

It is more of a WBTB MILD than WILD. I guess I pretty much expect to LD every time I go back to bed in the mornings now so it always works! It’s exciting to me.
The sensation is very reliable, especially the weightlessness, it’s unlike anything in real life. It’s kind of like being a ghost or something, it’s so crazy!

That’s correct.

[color=olive]Tame as in…?[/color]

Feeling of complete realization. Also the “whole picture” comes into focus.

It’s like if I would look at the monitor from 5 centimeters and then move back to a meter. And then happiness, freedom, rush and mostly positive feelings. For me in a dream it’s all about feeling…

Expectation. Visualization. Believe. Realization. Those are states of mind that every dreamer should nurture.

I’ve noticed that when I feel that way about dreams in general, not only LD’s then LD’s came so easy, like I’m not even trying to achieve them.

Mine are almost always DILD’s, the rare occasion I get SP I’d use to OBE. My dreams are clear although vividness can vary, some nights are better than others. Upon lucidity I get an initial moment of amazement then proceed to explore the dream and perform tasks. I find the more effort I invest in LD’ing the more I get out of it.

haha i had a similar experience when someone whispered in my ear (remember the details) as I became lucid and quickly lost it again, I had the feeling I had discovered something secret from an observer too!

Usually for me the visuals become sharpened and I become aware of my dream body, sometimes the hands come up, most of the time the phone does (my RC is the check the time, cover it, check again, cover, sometimes expect 99:99 or some strange time that isnt a time)

It really depends on my mood, some times I sigh because I really don’t want to be lucid. But for the most part, nothing happens. Becoming lucid is old hat to me, so the sense of wonder is gone, if I ever had one.

I’ve only had one LD at this point, so this may or may not be a trend for me.

Anyways, I was having a regular dream, then I decided to wake up from it(I wasn’t lucid at the time, all part of the dream) and do a reality check afterwards by plugging my nose. Once I realized I could breathe, everything “clicked” and I “woke up” in a lucid dream.

Despite the fact that I was so excited I couldn’t help but shout, the dream was quite stable(I think the only reason it ended was because my biological “clock” told me to wake up) and everything was as vivid as waking life.