Your Favorite.....

Aww, that must have been so cool!

Humans… are problematic. They can be so awesome at times, in how they interact with each other but… argh. So irritating and intolerant of each other :grrr: . I could never list our species as my absolute favorite because we’re too complex and diverse to generalize. But at the same time, we’re downright fascinating; psychology and sociology have got to be two of my absolute favorite topics to study, because the human race never ceases to surprise and amaze me (for better or worse).

Yes, true that.
I am fascinated by humans…
particularly humans who like to play in their dreams!

1. What is your First Favorite Animal, and Why? I have to say…wolf (surprise!). I love the feeling of freedom I get when I look at them. And I adore their colour. :content: They give me a…peaceful feeling, with them living in nature. And their ability survive, like other animals.

2. What is your Second Favorite Animal, and Why? Um…I suppose it’s any type of bird. When I look up at them, I can almost feel the freedom they must feel when they are flying. And I guess I want that feeling too. Just being able to smell the fresh, crisp air in the morning, having the wind fly past me. Being up so high, I just feel at peace, and a bit of envy when I see them. I mean, they fly AND walk. In my dreams, I can walk…but I barely fly. >.>

3. What is your First Favorite Color, and Why? Deep red. I’m not really sure why, but when I see it, it seems to draw me in. And put me in a thinking/reflecting mood.

I agree with you YSIM, but working class hero has a point about the originality factor. As i looked at this, i thought of my friends telling me what a good hamster I’d make, that i’d be able to power New York City with all my energy and a hamsterball. lol.Me? I don’t think so.
This is the one question I’ve been avoiding all my life. My respect for the natural world goes deep and pure. I’ve yet to choose a “favorite.” I love life. What more is there to say?

In my recent dreams, I found myself in a bird form. A majestic bird of prey. Ironically as I thought about it, the first kind that came to mind was the sparrowhawk, although i think it suits me. Small, but fierce. Adaptable to many environements, it is an agile able hunter. They move quickly and can travel far. They fly.

I love to watch the squirrels. I just don’t get tired of watching their games, so much like our own. I love they way they work together, particularly the pair that lived in our backyard, never one without the other. They are energetic and playful, they never seem to tire. They work hard, gathering their stores for the winter. Yet they are full of attitude-they will fight you when you pick them up (I know!) they are not defenseless. Their agility and balance is admirable by any matial artist.

I like blue, the color of the sky and mighty oceans that sustain our life on earth.

well lets see what all this means!

This might be cheating but I think my favourite animals are people, though sometimes they are also my least favourite animal. People can be interesting, intelligent, and exciting in ways that animals can’t. They can be warm, friendly, loving and forgiving and for me it counts more than when animals are like this. I love having conversations with people, finding out their secrets, picking their brains.

My second favourite animals are probably cats at the moment. I like dogs because they are nice and cuddly and friendly, but cats can be like this too. It seems with cats that you have to work harder to gain their affection. Cats are a challenge, but when you win them over it’s even more rewarding.

My favourite colour is red. I especially like the red you see when you close your eyes and stare into the sun. It is a magical colour. Blood and light. I think red is a powerful colour, the colour of blood and emotion.

Edit: Hah! My first two answers fit quite well. I like the idea that the animal I most identify with is everything that is good about being human. :razz: And I definitely chase girls that are hard to get, but I enjoy the cuddles when I win.

The colour thing is odd. I want to be magical? Powerful? I guess that’s not too far from the truth.

I love reading all your responses!
Great way to get to know each other huh?

Ah, I’m sorry, my choice of words wasn’t exactly stellar (it was late and I was tired). What I meant to say was that I just really love animals in general and have always read a lot about them in school, watched hundreds of documentaries on TV while others watched MTV and stuff. I’ve got a few books about some of my favorite animals and an children’s encyclopedia (it’s only about 2000 pages, but I used to read it like a madman when I was 12 years old :P).

I’m just genuinely interested in the natural world and am keen on learning new things that I didn’t know. The way I said it in my previous post is err, ambiguous at best :wink:

I know, I didn’t take it any other way. :wink: I just got enthusiastic and curious, cause I know quite a bit more about the world of animals than the average person too! I am a real animal lover too, I have been ever since I was born I think. Animals are increadibly important to me. They even dominate my dreamworld.

I have even devoted my study to animals. I studied Animal Management. Animals are beautiful and fascinating.

  1. What is your First Favorite Animal, and Why?
    Cats, both big and small, tame and wild. I like the fact that you can see the ‘pet cat’ actions in the big cats and the wild side of our kitty members of the family. pet cats have a mind of their own and if they like you, you can feel honoured :content:

  2. What is your Second Favorite Animal, and Why?
    This is a very hard question. Some breeds of dogs. I am very selective about dogs because some breeds appear to turn vicious easily. My favourite breeds are labradors and spaniels. They are very intelligent, protective of their human family and yet gentle with children … and it’s very rare to get vicious ones.

  3. What is your First Favorite Color, and Why?
    Green. It is a restful colour, but bright enough to cheer you up and there are so many shades of green to suit any mood you may be in. :mrgreen: :yuck: :thumbs: :whistle: It’s a very versatile colour.

  1. wolves: they assemble in packs, they communicate, they’re downright cool.

  2. horses: it’s absolutely irrational, i grew up in a farm and i simply love them. they’re, in my opinion, a man’s best friend, by far in front of dogs. if you have ever seen a horse be tamed, you know they’re smarter than they could ever possibly look, but once you conquer them, they’re loyal forever. they’re true buddies.

  3. yellow: do i have to justify? colour of my eyes, ish, and it’s just a colour that i generally like.

[spoiler]1. i think of myself as downright cool? people think of me as downright cool? sweet! but yeah, right on: i assemble in packs, i communicate. i’m a hunter, i love the moon and i don’t make much sense alone.

  1. hahaha, awesome. yes, i think that if i ever were to stay on a serious relationship, for real, it would have to be hard conquered, loyal, friendly and lasting. otherwise i prefer to keep them open and casual. so horses are love, sweet.

/me casually removes the part where he says tamed horses are so loyal you can even sleep on top of them. :whistle:

  1. i want to be more yellow in my life? wow, i almost said i like yellow because i like honey, what’s that say about me?[/spoiler]

Hmm… maybe you could think a little more about what Yellow makes you feel like, or what specific qualities of yellow appeal to you… like you said; your eyes and honey…
Perhaps you are striving to be sweeter? :wink:
And me personally… I always look at the characteristic of the color’s corresponding Chakra… Yellow is the Solar Plexus Chakra and it is the power center of our body… its where most of our strength and courage stem from. Its also where our motivation, well being and sense of joy and accomplishment come from. Its also the chakra of optimism and positive thinking.
Hope that helped some!


  1. My favourite animal is most definately and clearly; The Wolf. I can’t think of an animal I admire and adore more that this magnificent creature. Words can’t describe how I feel about them. I am totally and utterly in awe of them and I would just love to be as free as they are, I would cry if I could be as strong and as resilient as they are. To me, they are the most magical and wonderful living things upon this planet. (Oh, my dog doesn’t count… I just decided… grins)

  2. This question is more difficult, because the Wolf is such an obvious choice, I have many other animals I adore, so it’s difficult to think of one higher above the others. However, I think I’m going to have to go with an eagle. Again, their freedom must be wonderful and there is something so beautiful and powerful and… magical about them.

  3. I love the colour mahogany. It’s strong and powerful and sturdy and of course, reminds me of forests… grins happily :content: I wish I could be more like it.

There! Analyse me as you wish.

You want an analyse :puh:

Well, wolf has been chosen by many (including me)

Eagle is a nice bird and rare in sweden (where I live)

The color have I never hear of :tongue:


Let’s see! :happy:

The first and third ones are completely right. :open_mouth: As for the second one, I just have fear of commitment. But it is quite accurate. =O

Nice animals and indigo is nice too :happy: Its just a shame that you dont know whats your second favorite, but it doesnt matter :cool_laugh: