Your Favorite.....

Three questions…

  1. What is your First Favorite Animal, and Why?
  2. What is your Second Favorite Animal, and Why?
  3. What is your First Favorite Color, and Why?

Keep in mind when answering… our favorites change alot so just share what your current favorite is.

I love mythical creatures too, but keep your answers to animals or creatures that are commonly accepted as ‘real’.

Your answers will show you some insights about yourself…

Im hiding the meanings to the answers below because its no fun to see the meanings first!!!
Have self control… Look at the meanings after you post! :bounce:

What it All Means…

1. First favorite animal is how we view ourselves, and often how others view us… Your answer to why are the characteristics we like in ourselves, or that others like in us.
2. Second favorite animal and our answer to why, is what kind of people we are attracted to, or what we want in a lover.
3. First favorite color and answer to why shows us what kind of person we’re striving to be, or what qualities we want more of in our lives.
**Share this game with others! Its a great one around a campfire…
****Blissings Love & Light!

Heres my answers :twirl:

  1. Felines >>> I like how cute and beautiful and cuddly soft and playful they are. They do the funniest little things. Yet at the same time they are incredibly strong and even fierce and definitely know how to take care of themselves. They know what they want and dont settle for anything less. I like all the different sounds they make, growling hissing meowing mewing purrrrrring! They seem to have the deepest wisdom in their eyes, and their eye contact is amazing, they can pierce your soul!
  2. Horses >>> My heart races every time I see these creatures. They are so beautiful and strong and solid, totally grounded and confident. They are intuitive and can feel the emotions of those around them, you can really communicate with them without words. They are happy to please and work with others, but still have a raging fire of independence burning within them. They will fight anyone who tries to take advantage of them. And most of all… riding them is pure bliss :wink:
  3. Purple >>> This has always been my favorite color, with Green, but its Purple that I see when I close my eyes. When I see it I feel peaceful blissful and tranquil, yet engaged and turned on, and my eyes feel kinda electrified. It is a color that helps me enter deep meditation, and its also the color of intuition, insight and psychic abilities. I feel like its the most magical color, like if magic was a color, it would be purple!


Ooh, nice topic! :happy:

My Favorite Animal
Wolf. There is something mystical about wolves that I’m very drawn to. Whenever I hear a wolf howl, I get shivers down my spine. It’s one of the most inspirational and impressive sounds in the world. It chills to the bone (in a good way!). Also, I am a big fan of the kind of environments wolves live in, especially the colder regions like Canada. They also have these intense, golden eyes that seem to look right into the very essence of your soul.

My Other Favorite Animal
Leopard. I simply love leopards. They’re so incredibly stealthy and elusive and the way they can drag prey twice their own weight up a tree is impressive enough. But what really draws me to them: their eyes and their movement. Like wolves, leopards have awesome eyes that seem to look beyond the surface of things. And they move so elegantly (both while hunting and while climbing or walking). Their coat is awesome too. Definitely my favorite of all the big cats. They’re also solitary creatures, like myself.

My Favorite Color
Red. Always has been, always will be. I’m talking pure red here, not the lighter or darker variants. Just good old plain red. I don’t know why, really. It’s an intense and powerful color.

I can’t choose between Wolf and Leopard as my favorite animal. I’ve always loved both equally and am fascinated by them equally. And they both fit my personality as well. My wolf qualities are that I’m pretty dominant and quick to defend myself when attacked, but I’m also sort of a “lone wolf”. My leopard qualities are that I’m a solitary person (a feature that some wolves share) and very opportunistic and independent. I’m quick to adapt.

  1. What is your First Favorite Animal, and Why?
    I believe they were the first domesticated animal, ever. I’m a Capricorn, and it’s image is the Goat.

  1. What is your Second Favorite Animal, and Why?
    -Killer whale, Orca
    Supreme predator of the seas.

  1. What is your First Favorite Color, and Why?
    From wikipedia: The word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, “to grow”. It is used to describe plants or the ocean.

Also, my eyes are green.

Animal #1: Cat. I always have lived with cats they are cute I cant live without them :cry:

They sleep so cute, but my cats are not so stupid that they sleep in toilet :cool_laugh:

Animal #2: I like wolves, they are mysterius.

Color #1: Black, eveningblack. I like the colors that show up in the evening, looking up at heaven.

ooh…This does look interesting.

Favorite animal:
1 Dragon…Wait? Dragons aren’t real!?

SPOILER - Click to view

I’m going to continue anyway. I simply love dragons (specifically the more American/European views rather than the Asian styles). They are creatures of great strength, power, and thus require the need to to have responsibility for themselves. Dragons to me don’t always symbolize either order or destruction but rather balance. They have the force to go either way and thus some will balance others out. Plus, they can fly as I do in dreams and wish I could IRL. Also, I see them as being quite beautiful (even the more vicious and deadly looking ones) as I see beauty in the shapes of muscles rather than the skinniness of bones.

1 Wolves:
Although they are a common favorite, I do have my own reasons. Mainly I see that speed is more powerful than strength. Wolves are often known for being quick and agile. This exactly how I win fights and sparring matches. Simply being able to move faster than the other person allows you to win and often without having to inflict too much pain. Wolves also can withstand the cold and other more harsh environments, and sometimes seem to just know their surroundings well.

In dreams I often take the forms of either a half-dragon(rarely full form dragon) or a wolf.

2 Cats
They’re just so gosh darn cute, as well as being quick, agile, and often times threatening. I have seen 1 cat scare off a bigger (though less than threatening) dog merely by staring at it…giving it…“The Look”. Though despite all that, they can be quite silly and make you laugh.

Favorite Color - Black
Quiet I know it’s not a color! But black is my favorite. It can either stand out or disappear depending on what you want to do. Stealth, really, being able to hide and sneak up on people. Gather knowledge without anyone knowing. On occasion, black can also stand out. There is only on more bold color, Red, but really black can be just as memorable.

After reading explanations:

[spoiler]I would have to say mine works better if I include dragons. I definitely see myself as a dragon…duh :ysim:…but I often see my dream girl as a wolf moreso than a cat. I like a girl to actually be able to challenge me a little physically. It gets boring being able to overpower everyone around you. This of course doesn’t mean I want her to always go against me, but maybe an occasional little sparring or wrestling scrimage.

Also the color, Black definitely applies to me now as well as what I want to be. I like being able to slip below the radar and and go unseen until needed. I also hate taking leadership even though I can be very good at it. I usually will hide and let someone else take it and I’ll coach them as needed, or come out of the shadows to take over if they can’t do it. I know I need to sometimes stand out, ie: getting a job, impressing a girls parents, etc, and black can do that, although red is better. Maybe thats why red is my second favorite :tongue: [/spoiler]

Definitely a neat topic.

Im also a capricorn…
Goats are radical
and that picture is too cute

Heh, it doesn’t matter if everyone has the same or similar animals. It’s the reasoning that matters. I like wolves for their speed and agility as well as their ability to deal with any climate. Others like them for their mysteriosity, or for their beauty…completely different reasons, completely different meanings :wink:

But still, if you just do a little searching, there’s a whole world of animals out there.

That’s definitely true (and I know quite a bit more about the world of animals than the average person), but wolves (and leopards, but they’re not commonly favorites to my knowledge) have always been my favorites, so I’m not going to deliberately pick something else just for the sake of being different and/or unique because many people like them.

Like Ysim said, I have my own reasons for liking them and I don’t care whether a million people are going to pick the same thing or none at all. :smile: Their choices mean nothing to me personally and it’s not going to change the way I feel.

Ack. Here I am defending my choice already. I’m so predictable… Haha :happy:

Ysim, considering that you like dragons, have you read the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik?

Favourite animal 1:
Shetland pony. They have such great individual characters, almost like donkeys! Intelligent and stubborn. Stubborn because they are so intelligent. They don’t just obey if they don’t see the purpose of it. But if you can motivate them, you can make them trust you, they will do anything. They learn fast! They are a mirror. They can tell you exactly how you are feeling, and how you are projecting your feelings on them. They don’t lie, they don’t believe in your lies…Treat them with honesty and respect, and you will have a friend for life!

Favourite animal 2:
Cat. Their independence is what attracts me. They don’t have to live with humans, they do because they want to. Not like a dog that needs people. A cat has choices and makes them. If they choose for you then that is a great compliment. Obviously you are doing something right.

I think as well that cats are spiritual creatures. They sense things we don’t. They have a level of intelligence we don’t fully understand.

And of course they are sweet and cuddly, their purring on your lap brings your hart-rate and blood pressure to a nice and comfortable level. They calm you down…

Favourite colour:
Everything between purple and deep red. Especially a combination of these colours. Because they make me want to keep looking, they catch my eye and make me feel calm inside. I just find beauty in nice colours.

  1. Cat - They’re all so dignified and noble. You have to respect them
  2. Dog - Obvious
  3. White - It represents purity.

I’m curious here. How, why, and what do you know??

WS, I thought you liked squirrels when I saw your avatar :eek:

Ghostie, maybe I should have posted in the “why your username” thread, although I think I have done that a long time ago. I chose it because of an impressive dream I head. Yes, there was a white squirrel in it. If I ever see one in the wild, I promise you it will be my favourite animal from then on :wink: ! I just love animals! Squirrels, horses, cats, dogs, monkeys, chickens…

animals and all the creatures of the earth are our brothers and sisters…
we’re all children of Pacha Mama!

When answering these questions my good friend replied that his first favorite animal was humans!
hehe… that was one of my favorite answers ever

1.Cat. Majestic animals, little murderers, easy to offend(my cat is offended even when I say meow to her and can make the most offended face I have ever seen :content: ). Not very pleased with the small body they are stuck with. Of course they have cool eyes too.

2.Dog. A rather silly animal(mine is), but a faithful one.

3.Black. The purest of all colours. And of course it is as far away from pink as possible :content:.

Grawr, wow. I’d totally say wolves as my first option, too… must be some sort of a lucid dreamer connection, aye? Anyways, i think I’ll continue on as though they weren’t, just for the sake of variety (I’ll keep them in mind when looking at the results, though :content: ).

  1. Ferrets. They’re so intelligent and inquisitive about the world around them; they’re just a lot of fun to watch and mess around with. I love how agile and playful they are, not to mention their sneakiness.

  2. Felines. I didn’t used to be a person who liked cats, but I’ve got to admit that they’ve got their own appeal. They’re wonderfully smart and mysterious, and they’re a species that truly has a will of its own. I’m especially fond of big cats; you really have to respect their raw power and prowess as hunters.

Favorite color… probably blue. I know this is a fairly common one (at least where I’m from), but it still manages to make the top of my list. It’s very calming and relaxing to me, especially the darker shades. Black and silver are both very close to it, but blue has always been my favorite, since I was very little… it’s almost like the color is a sort of expression of myself.

ahhh ferrets are great!!!
sooo funny too… my uncle had a ferret farm when I was a young girl!!

And as for humans… their definitely not my fav, I thought it was a great answer for him, totally suited his personality… He’s like this super survivalist primal tribal guy… he can make fire out of nothing! I would definitely like to be around him if I was ever stranded in the wilderness :wink: