your goals

So if it’s quite important to define your LD goals as stated in another post what are your goals? Try to state them in five words or less.

Mine: improving personality, gaining advantage in career areas, piano and composition skill, lucid dream meditation, healings of self and others, exploring the universe, fun stuff.

I guess my ld goal would be being in contact with people through the dream.

to explore and have a better comprehension of the universe.

To attain vivid awareness while lucid!
To speak to animals
To speak to trees
To visit deceased step sister
To explore ancient ruins
To partake in a medieval fairy tale
The list goes on…

to become a better athlete, to have physical and mental power

a general goal is - 6 LDs per year

dream goals

  • reliable flying
  • be able to transform
  • reliable summoning
  • visit Hippo’s stuffys again
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For me it would be problem solving and self exploration and Devoloping and understanding my subconscious more.

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My goals at the moment:

  • regularly become lucid (at least once a week)
  • have more conscious control over my actions (I mostly act without thinking in LDs)
  • stabilize my dreams (even a full minute of lucidity would be nice)

Current goals:

  • Confront SC via reflection (Spar or talk)

  • More Mortal Kombat, Marvel, or Sin City inspired dreams

  • Bring back ideas for characters, story arcs, and music

goals for LD:

  1. visit apartment/church gym that I have been at in dreams many many times in my life
  2. Explore my subconscious so I can understand my psyche. Ask dream characters and dream objects questions
  3. Be able to practice controling my life
  4. Get stronger - lift things when i am asleep, i heard that the muscles actually contract in your sleep when you exercise in dreams. And also the movement gets easier in real life if you do it in a dream first
  5. FLY!
  6. Find fictional friendship with dream characters