Your LD place!

(I dunno if this is the best place for this post, so feel free to change it if you want, mods)

I was wondering: How many of your have created your own place in LDs? Tell everyone about it here :happy: Also, if you haven’t, use this as stimulation to create your own cozy corner in dreamland!

EDIT: Also, post any personal recurring LD places!

I didn’t create it but it’s a place I go to practically ever LD and also a major DS in ND’s.

The sky is indigo but the sun isn’t setting. There’s also 2 moons in the sky and the gravity here switches without warning. It’s a huge field with gardens and trees scattered about and a very long dirt road stratching as far as the eye can see. There are forests and more gardens at the end of it.
Off this land, there’s an ocean and another island with a mansion/castle. It’s usually dark and spooky around here and there’s a huge serpent like beast in the water around it.

I’m thinking of exporing this world alittle more. Maybe go farther out to sea and find more islands.

@Wyvern: wow that’s a pretty cool place.

I would like to try something like that too but unfortunately I’m not very good at changing locations. I tried it in my last LD for the first time and it didn’t work.

Many of my LD’s do happen in my childhood home. It has been reconstructed IRL now, but in dreams it’s still the same as it was.

My lucid dreams usually take place around a beach/harbour. There are modern boats at the dock, as well as sailing boats. there is a small Island pretty close the the shore. Tidal waves are pretty regular, but strangely nothing gets damaged. I’ve given up trying to get rid of them. I think there is a small town nearby, I haven’t really explored it all that much, seeing as I’ve only been there about 3 times.

my few have taken place on an entirely white plane. From there I have built my own land around me like drawing on a blank canvas, so far in the little time Ive had, ive made a little town, sort of rural but still civilized, and an ocean. gonna make some islands next and have each one have a different theme. :smile:

A LOT of my dreams have taken place on the two streets that are around my house! The funny thing is the streets look diffrent every time, new shops are there, new locations etc…

I’ll use this as a Dream Sign and RC everytime i’m there. :yay:

i dont have any places i created in lucid dreams but i have about 15 - 20 places from normal dreams. they were all reoccuring places and i have had new ones develope every year or so since before i can remember (my first memory is actually of me running around in one of the dream houses) id like to ellaborate on the places but i dont have enough time to type it all out and the post would be ridiculosly long. maybe ill add them to my DJ tho.

My dream place is reached at the beginning of my dreams. I start out on an all glass train with invisible tracks in the sky. I pass over mountains, cities, forests, etc. Then, I come over the ocean, and the train goes down and under water. After passing by sharks and fishes that I don’t think even exist IRL, the train goes into a station where all water is sucked out.

I get off and there is a glass elevator to my left, and a desk to my right followed by a steel door. A lady comes up the elevator and walks to me, telling me that I am dreaming. Instantly, I become lucid. Since I’m lucid, I can either go through the steel door, which leads to my garage full of planes, futuristic cars, boats, etc, OR I can go in the glass elevator, which leads to my home.

Reaching the bottom floor in the elevator, I walk off and see my huge living room right there (of course, all the walls are glass so I can see everything underwater). The ceiling is about 50 feet high. There are leather couches and and what not sitting around my huge huge huge 70ft wide by 45ft high TV.

All in all…the house is big and has over 10 rooms, with each being different. Theres things like an anti-gravity room, a huge huge huge theme park room, my own food court, a virtual reality room for video games, and a teleporter room. Teleporter room can teleport you anywhere (duh)…and I have a little remote thing in my pocket at all times, so if I go anywhere, I can just press the button and I teleport right back.

But yeah…I add stuff from time to time and make it that much more awesome. Last time I was lucid there, I managed to have a “super computer” that plugged into my head. I was trying to alter things with my mind…but didn’t really work. lol.

Hopefully that wasn’t too long of a post. It would be TONS longer if I told everything that I’ve added on. I’ve had this “dream house” for almost a year now and used Pedro’s VILD technique to originally start it up (now I just will myself to be there). Kind of a two in one deal…get lucid and have a really cool place to start out at! :cool_laugh: