Your newest member...And a question.

Hey guys,
At this current point in time I am most undoubtedly your newest member.
For starters, my Name is Justin; perhaps you may have seen me on T.V a few times in the past, though we won’t get into that at such a point in time.
I am a chef, studying to be a private pilot, taking small courses in law, Hotel/Restaurant management, culinary arts and real-estate. Kind of strange for your average 16 year old Yes?
I have been curious about Lucid dreaming for quite a long time now. I find that I am often conscious while dreaming, and I can remember them easily, however, when it comes to realizing that I am dreaming, that is where the difficult part(s) come in. Does anyone know how to make this easier?

Thanks for reading this, and please assist if you can.
Have a great day,

The best way to realize that you are dreaming is through reality checks, check the site for list of em, but yknow just read something look away and read it again, look at your hands to see if they look funny, hold your nose see if you can still breath, etc, you do those maybe once an hour or so and eventually after a week or so it will become like regular, eventually you will remember to do these in your sleep and realize you are dreaming.

Well when all you tell us is that your name is Justin how are we supposed to know you from T.V. lol. That doesn’t matter, and I really don’t care, just throwing that out there.

But go with wat kaotix said, reality checks are a big thing. There is something that I usually do, when you are dreaming, nothing reads the same twice. Look for a road sign, or a resturaunt sign, or some books, anything. Read a little bit, and then read it again. That is what I always do.

Anyway good luck.

It will also help if you begin using techniques such as MILD or WILD. I would recommend WILD if you fall asleep quickly otherwise use MILD. There are guides on the forum as to how both techniques work but in a gist WILD is falling asleep into the dream state consciously and in a MILD you set your intention as you fall asleep and while asleep your intention helps you to recognize dreamsigns.

Oh, I’ve much to learn…

Um… how can you be conscious while dreaming and NOT realize you’re dreaming?

Btw… Welcome :happy:

What exactly do you mean by conscious while dreaming? It would be immensly helpsful if you could elaborate.

Okey Hello, and laughing out loud about that “Hi Im justin you might’ve seen me on tv”… doesnt matter here really.

My advice would be to keep a dream journal, or do just start with reality checks, every hour or something.
Dream journal would help.

Hell, some of us don’t even own TVs… :tongue:

Oh - and, Hi!

Do you mean that you can do whatever you want, but you just dont realise that you’re dreaming? If so, thats a FLD. Get them all the time.

Ok, thats it! I give up already.
I am going to do much more extensive research on these “Lucid dreams.”
See you around.