your secret homebase and your people

I was wondering…if you made a home in your dreams…whats would it be like? :content:
Now i have some rules to it…but if you made one already before this post, then you can use that! anyways…carrying on.

  1. i would like if its something simirlar or concrete to real life, so we have a idea of what it looks like. (ex: mario kingdom) :yay: but its ok if ya want to make ur own
  2. who are the people inside? do you have servants? or friends there? :grouphug:
  3. pets? :fly:
    let me know! :dream: promise i’ll post back to you if i can! :smile:
    mine: kingdom hearts mixed with plastic beach. (a plastic beach with all the kingdom hearts players on it!!!) :happy:

A huge transparent bubble with the option floating in mid air :grin:
then I can admire stars at night, clouds during daytime…
100m², it has a fluffy doublebed -kitchen, bathroom and everything-
i might add that it’s located -of course it can fly and travel too but its usual place is on a green field near by an endless forest :peek:
oh and also the people you asked about right?
well i would have nobody in my bubble because it’s also a way to travel around the globe so that I can meet lots of new people :wiske: i won’t be lonely
of course i’ll have my dear alien cat with me :content:
it has violet fur, blue eyes and comes from the galaxy :shy:

sounds awsome :smile: i’ll join your bubble someday LOL XD

Now that you mention it, I could have some plans but I think when I’m actually lucid dreaming I’ll probably forget about that and just do whatever.

I’ll see when I have my lucid dream.

Well I have been actually working on my “dream world” for a while now. :grin: Most of my LDs are just spend expanding and perfecting it :tongue:

It is kinda realistic, but kinda fantasy at the same time. I do have friends there, but most of them I’ve never seen IRL… they have just been in my dreams forever… I did have a pet panda once… but I ended up getting rid of him… :sad:

Well, since this is dream logic… On the outside, it apeared to be a simple cardboard box; one side open, slightly damp. On the inside, it stretches for miles. Upon strolling through the cardboard flaps, you are met by a palace, red carpet, black and white checkerboard tile in other rooms; speaking of which, there are thousands.

Inside, you find a whole country, practically, with quarters for friends, random DC’s, DC servants, and anyone else who happens to stroll inside. As for animals, a whole zoo practically. Exotic and common animals alike.

That would be a fun dream world to explore…

I always used to fantasize about my own spionage base. I’d make it underground witht the main base under my house… and then I’d make all sorts of cool equipment and a tunnelnetwork to everywhere I wanna go with supersonic vehicles… and I’d be big boss! Me chief!

No I actually made a room/space for myself based on the lucid crossroads. It has all kinds of mysterious stuff… like doors and stair you don’t know where they lead to… and never lead to the same place. Buttons and switches without description and a bar with all kinds of mysterious bottles. It has a swimmingpool, and a hammock. The people inside are anyone who dares to come and have a good time!
I did this one in Blender… I’ll put it up in me garden.

i dont know how, but ur base remind me of halo reach XD