Your Strange Sleep-Walk Experiences

Hi all,
We’ve had similar threads in the past, but I’m wondering what strange experiences people have had of other people sleep walking or having nightmares. Have you had a friend sleep over, or has your partner/family member ever said something strange in their sleep, had an intense nightmare in front of you, or sleepwalked while you watched?

I had a strange experience last night. It was in the middle of the night when my partner seemed to be having an intense nightmare. I believe it’s best not to interrupt people when they are having nightmares, as I think it’s best that they face their psychological fears that manifest in nightmares.
I just held his hand for support until he woke from the nightmare. He asked me if he had had a nightmare, and I said “Yep, a pretty intense one too by the sound of it”. It was a really weird experience.

Not as intense, but when I was little, I peed in the garbage can in full view of all the adults in my home.

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Back in 2002, a friend (Marco) told me that he and another friend (Giovanni) were sleeping in his house when Giovanni stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Where’s Bruno?” He kept asking. “Where’s Bruno???”

Marco told him I wasn’t there, and Giovanni started to ask, then: “Where is the knive?, Where is the knive?”

Marco asked him “what for?” and he replied:

“To kill Bruno.”

I never slept near Giovanni again in my whole life.

o.0 That… would make me a bit nervous.

I once went on a camping trip in fourth or fifth grade. In the middle of the night I was woken up by a friend who was singing camp songs in her sleep. We never let her forget that. ~_^

Yes, your post there prompted me to create a thread for discussion :content:

My mum and I were staying at my uncle’s one night, about a hundred years ago (thereabouts), both of us sleeping in the lounge room. Early in the morning mum looked at me from the lounge and said
“Have you got the knife”
“I need the knife”
“Who you gonna stab?”
She went back to sleep. She worked in a bakery at that time, so she must have been dreaming about work. It was pretty funny though, I paid her out by asking if she was gonna stab someone and she didn’t even remember the next day.

I’ve never seen anyone sleepwalk before. Apparently I did once when I was seven, but all I did was stand there vaguely in the lounge room doorway until Dad turned me around and marched me back off to bed! I think it must be pretty scary to see somebody else sleepwalking and know that they don’t realise what they’re doing… :eek:

My grandpa says I was speaking Arabic once, an I still didn’t know anything about the Arabic language. However,

  1. He likes to make up stories
  2. He usually talk with my grandma about the secret adult-only family business in Arabic, with my father in Italian, with my uncle in French so on. (Notice I told in some other thread I understand all these languages and now wonder why. :grin:) The point is that I may had been only repeating what I heard.