Your thoughts on the matter!!!???

hi my naame is john im yet to fill out the introduction but anyway i wanted to tell of my experience this morning. for the last month i have been keeping down a dream journal and doing reality checks in attempts to have lucid dreams…now this morning i got woken up early by my dad and before i fell back to sleep i realised that now is the perfect time to be aware that im dreaming so i kept the thought in my head that this is all a dream and im controlling it…i dreamt that this woman gave me a wand and with the wand i could do absolutely anything…i did crazy things!! made animals talk to me, make it rain water and fire and so on…

now i know i wasnt completely lucid dreaming because it felt real yet at the same time i felt i had control to do anything i wanted in the dream with my wand…

i woke up out of bed excited as ever and jotted down my dream

do you think this is getting closer to lucid dreaming or just coincidental

-john :smile: i the only australian on this site?

So, yuo could control things but didn’t know you were lucid?

Yes, this shows that you have LD’ing on your mind. And yeah, it’s a sign that your getting closer :wink:.


Good job! That is what I would call a step in the right direction. You just have to link things that are out of the ordinary with doing RT and you will become lucid very quick. It only took me less then a week with the MILD technique and using frequent RT during the day to become lucid.

Sounds good. Stick to it. I have had that happen a few times where I felt like I could control what was going on, but I didn’t have control of how it was exactly being performed. It happened about a week after I joined this forum and found out about lucid dreaming. Then about three days later I had my first real lucid dream.

Just stick to it, and you should be fully lucid in no time.