Your Writing Style

My DJ entry is like Shakespeare, and my improvised entry is like Stephenie Meyer.

I entered my post on Heaven and Hell and I write like Charles Dickens :rofl:

Hey people ! Who is this guy “Raymond Chandler” ? I never heard of him…

I write like Dan Brown, according to my Beginning Mantras article.

James Joyce, both the DJ-entry of the last dream where I succeeded a Quest and an RP post in last Wolfgame I played :wolf:

Although I wrote like Raymond Chandler in WG36 :tongue:

I got James Joyce for a DJ entry :eh:

I got mark twain for a DJ entry! xD

I got Stephen King for one of my DJs! He’s one of my favorite authors! xP

Then one of my favorite writings that I’ve written got me Rudyard Kipling…I’ve never heard of them o3o

I also got Stephen King. Last book I read from him (Under the Dome) I quit reading after 200 pages, because I’d started to hate his way of writing. :eh:

I got Cory Doctorow and Stephenie Meyers (if I spelled that right) for two DJ entries and Stephen King for some improvised stuff. Seems I right like a lot of people. XP

I imputted a peice of fiction and got Chuck Palahniuk. He formats in media res (the story starts in the middle of the action), which I do not do.

I don’t write horror, but I am a minamalist writer.

A sci-fi short story I’m working on was similar to Arthur C. Clarke, so I guess I’m on the right track. :tongue: