Your Writing Style

Check which famous writer you write like with this statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous writers.

Any text in English will do: your latest blog post, journal entry, comment, chapter of your unfinished book, etc. For reliable results paste at least a few paragraphs (not tweets).

I ran some of my DJ entries here through analysis. Each entry came back saying I write like David Foster Wallace, whose works I have never read. Professor Wikipedia says that his writings

Golly, that sounds unweildly. :neutral:

At least when I input a chapter of a fiction I wrote, the result changed to Arthur C. Clark :content: How about you?

Seems Wallace is quite the hit, I got him as well. May have something to do with all the strange words I used in the text though. :tongue:

I entered a paragraph of my DJ and got Wallace, too. I think that nearly every DJ entry from everyone here will link to Wallace since there’s a distinctive DJ style.

I entered one of my first DJ entries and it says I write like Shakespear! :eek: Notice how I never read one of his works.

My last DJ entry is written in Dan Brown style, apparently. I’ve read some of his books, but none in english!^^

I used a post I made from the cloud, and got the result Arthur C. Clarke. Some books he wrote include Childhood’s End, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

That was my second result. The first time I quickly typed something up and got the result Steven King.

I got Chuck Palahniuk… and Neil Gaiman used some of his writings for a book… I’m impressed :content:

A very recent dream journal entry and a short story gave me Margaret Atwood and Dan Brown respectively. I’m doubtful at its accuracy, but can’t help but find it a neat diversion!

I got Dan Brown. I used one of my personal spiritual beliefs posts. I’ve never heard of this writer :tongue: before this topic.

I also used a gathering post and got…
David Foster Wallace

I got an Arthur C. Clarke, a Margaret Atwood, a Stephen King, an Oscar Wilde and a J.K. Rowling so far.

This thing’s good ego boost. :happy:

I entered in a reaction paper for an online class and got David Foster Wallace, but my research paper in English got me Chuck Palahniuk.

I’m gonna try something I wrote for WG a few years ago…and that one reads like Kurt Vonnegut, apparently.

But in my DJ I write like Stephen King. Hey, gotta make those dreams come to life, eh?

I put in a dream that I wrote a while ago, when I was half asleep and got Stephanie Meyer.
I put in another, more thought about one, and received Lewis Carrol.
And finally, I put in a bit of VG RP, J K Rowling.

I wonder who Bruno’s RP would get…
/me runs off ctrl+c and ctrl+v’ing.

EDIT: Apparently I write Java code like Aurthur C Clarke :tongue:

:lol: :rofl: :lol:

My short stories all seem to bring about Stephen King :ebil: :nuu:

My DJ, however, gets me Dan Brown :eh:

My dream journal reads like Edgar Allan Poe, David Foster Wallace and Chuck Palahniuk: three big inspirations to me, so I’m glad.

My posts in the Cloud read like Lewis Carroll, William Shakespeare and Isaac Asimov. Say what?

Ysim: what did my RP score?

Entries from my personal journal came out as Vladimir Nabokov. (Haw. Haw. Surprise? ) I adore him, I’m rereading Lolita right now, he was a entomologist and had synesthesia. We should have been lovers. End story.

Tried again with a post from the Cloud and got Kurt Vonnegut, who I’ve never heard of, but it sounds like I’d like him.

Kurt Vonnegut was an American novelist who wrote works blending satire, black comedy, and science fiction, such as Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), Cat’s Cradle (1963), and Breakfast of Champions (1973).

David Foster Wallace

That was actually from 2 different samples from the Carnival WG you GM’d.
I was too lazy to dig any more and had to get back to my homework :tongue:
Just like now!

Java here I come!

Fun site :lol:

Putting in some later DJ entries, I got 3 x DFW, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephanie Meyer, Dan Brown, Arthur C. Clarke, William Gibson, and Stephen King

Cloud entries got Ursula K. Le Guin and Douglas Adams :razz:

:wolf: James Joyce for my first and last roleplay posts in the very first wolfgame

i put in my last D.J and two of my poems from ‘Dragons Works’

i write like Stephen King

I got H.P. Lovecraft from my motivation post.
And I got Stephen King from some random post of mine in Quest for Lucidity.

EDIT: I saw something Lovecraft said on wiki…I must admit, it really does sound like something I would write :o