Hey guys just curious about something. I know that in dreams we can taste because I heard it from someone a while back and I actually succeeded in doing so. I was in a dream and I drank some mountain dew out of a fountain soda machine and yes… it tasted strangley similar. I was just wondering if anyone had some good food stories to tell me, just for kicks. Thanks guys i’m really interested in hearing them. :smile:

ive never tasted anything in a LD!!! :sigh: ARGG just another thing to add to my to do list :razz: my list just keeps getting longer… ive heard stuff tastes great

I know it is great I would definately move it to the top of that to-do list :wink:

I haven’t tasted anything in a lucid dream yet either. But I have tasted many things in regular dreams, like chocolate.

did you actually get full flavor non-lucid??

I know this is directed at a different user, but I’ve had chocolate in non-lucid dreams before, it usually tastes better than anything I’ve eaten in waking life.

really Unseen_Eye thats amazing I didn’t know that you could taste non-lucid. Hmm thats interesting…

when I had nothing to do, I ate cardboard :happy: It tasted really good, surprisingly. Like almond chocolate ice cream, in fact. What you feel in dreams is all according to expectation :razz:

I’ve eaten dream donuts. They were the creamiest things I have ever eaten! I cant wait to try more. :tongue:

In a ND, I’ve eaten a giant cookie. :grin:

i just remembered!!! in a ND i had last night i was eating ice cream and it tasted amazing!!!

I find food usually tastes amazing in dreams, such as pizza I found in an envelope or chips in a pillow case :tongue:. I’ve also tried tasting random objects in my dreams and they usually taste really bad, but that’s probably just because I’m expecting it. Also, after eating something in a dream I usually wake up with a bad aftertaste or a weird feeling in my stomach, not to mention drooling a lot more than usual haha

It tasted like the best chocolate I have ever eaten. Better than WL chocolate.

I remember two occasions specifically. One was some chips and salsa that were really good, all though the chips were a tad stale. The other was a brownie with ice cream on top that I shared with a DC. Now that was good :cool:

Lots of times! :tongue: the most awesome was a cake that tasted very sweet and there was no problem eating all of it :razz:

I wanna taste something in a dream that i never have before. Or maybe something that doesnt even exist! Some kind of exotic fruit or something. I wonder what would happen???

I used to consume things more back in the day. I had some trouble with it too. I’d try to eat pastries, but they would be very sticky and taste funny, so I got discouraged. I have tasted salt. Just salt. It tasted salty- true story! But the taste I’ve had the most is coke. I’d make myself a coke that refills itself between bouts of gulping, and drink it several times. Tastes like real coke. That’s the one thing I stuck with. Perhaps I’ll try to eat something again soon.

omg, dream food is the best. Not only can you make whatever you want, you can make it taste like whatever you want or better. I haven’t gone to sleep hungry in a long time but when I was little my mom would send me to bed without food so I have fond memories of food dreams