Zoom vision? Visual acuity?

I think it depends on how much attention you’re paying to your visual perception. Each of your senses in an LD works only to the level of your concentration. The more you focus on one of them, the more sensitive it’ll become. Occasioanlly I’ll stop, and stare at an object until my vision is enhanced enough to see even the smallest details.

Cool Atheist. I’ve done that before…I’ve got some pretty amazing visual detail of objects at close range.

But you isnpired a question.

Has anyone ever had lets say; Eagle vision? Or zoom vision by willing it or it just happening? Can you see extremely far distance? How about 360 degree vision (GO GO WAKING LIFE) . ?

Just curious .

Thanks always for the inspiration.

Hey LLV! Good to see you back on the forum mate. :smile:
I havent tried the 360 degree vision yet but I saw a programme today about cockroaches. Apparently it comes naturally to them (they have 2000 lenses in their eyes!)

So maybe an easy way of getting 360 vision would be to transform into a dream-cockroach?..

But your mind would still simulate the exact same effect, as it doesn’t naturaly know what a 360 degree veiw would be like. You’d have to see what your imagination can come up with.

And it definatly won’t work, cos cockraoches have very poor eyesight. If you didn’t know that, it wouldn’t have affected your dream. But you do. So it will. Mwhahaha :devil:.


X-ray vision must be realy cool.

Especially if it involves a girl :nodnodwinkwink:.

I’ve been waiting for the oportunity to use that smilie… :peek:

Have anyone tried it?
I mean, It must be real nice and possible, I know what I would do with it. :wink: