1st Lucid dream

Had you heard about LDs when you had your first LD?

  • yes
  • no

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I was interested in how many people have had lucid dreams when they knew nothing about them and what they werel i

A remember a dream quite clearely from a long time ago (I was about 7)in which i became lucid. (of course i knew nothing about lucid dreams at the time. I can’t be bothered to explain the whole dream but i was in some sort of pub for some reason, and when i went outside i realised i was dreaming (I don’t know how). Although i knew i was dreaming, i didn’t know i could control the dream and I thought i was stuck so i got really scared and just wanted to wake up. The one time i didn’t want a long lucid dream, i had quite a long one compared to what i have now, when i actually do want to have long ones. I was just standing in the middle of a road wanting to wake up. (by the way i was a penguin in this dream)

I had one short when I was little, lasted for 10 seconds, I really didn’t think too much about it then.

Well yes. Ive been lucid dreaming since i was 5 years old. ive only had about 5 or 6 non lucid dreams in my life, im 16 now. and my LD last usually the entire night, but i thought that having LD’s were normal. i had no idea what ive been expereiancing as dreaming, was lucid dreaming untill i found this site.

Woah, results are suprising.

I never had lds 'til 11 or 12 year of life. I had them few times in year. When I heard about LD’s first time it was a “side effect” of trying to OoBE. I didnt like whole astral thingys, that seemed unsafe and weird. Anyways, learning to LDing was not hard, because I already had them from time to time :smile:

I had one LD before I found out what they were, when I was about 11-12 years old. It wasn’t anything special, though: I was walking down a sidewalk, and I suddenly became lucid for no apparent reason and looked at my hand for no apparent reason. Then, my viewpoint switched to 3rd-person, zoomed out, and faded to white, ending the dream. It came about after I wondered whether it would be possible to know when you’re dreaming and explore the dream world… I never thought of flying or doing other impossible things in dreams until I found LD4all.

i used to have them a couple of times a month when i was like 6 and i kept having them until i was 9 i think.but in none of em did i try much stuff apart from making something appear which helped it the dream.

Interesting results so far…

It seems I belong to the minority of those who had their first LD after hearing about.
I honestly can’t remember any kind of experience similar to LD’s before hearing about it…

Almost the same here :smile:

Only thing i remember is a nightmare where i decided to summon an army of good to fight my (growing) army of evil and bad creatures.

Though i dont know if i decided that when being awake or not (thus to be counted as some sort of autosuggestion)

I had a nightmare at around age 9 when I didn’t know of lucid dreaming. There was a dragon, the size of a house, breathing fire in front of me and I realised i could control the situation. Unfortunately all i did was run straight towards it and wake up.

I had to work really hard to have my first LD, so yes, I had heard of them.

lol why did you do that?

^Somehow i knew that running towards it would stop the nightmare.

I remember specifically my first LD. Was back in the summer of 2004. I out of nowhere just realized I was dreaming and figured out that I could control everything. Of course this really made me anxious to do this again, so I searched for “controlling dreams” on google, and figured out the name lucid dreaming.

It’s amazing how just that one small simple dream changed my whole perspective on everything mind related. If I hadn’t have gone to sleep that night or even if I had just gone to bed later or earlier than I did, who knows how I’d be now.

Anyways going back to the topic, I chose (of course) No. :smile:

I had SP constantly, researching it I found out about LD’s. Then spent 6 months trying to have one before my first.

The first lucid dream I remember occurred during my childhood. I used it to combat a recurring nightmare. I didn’t know anything about lucid dreams at the time.