2 Full years no LD

What methods have you been using? It took me a couple months, but I was able to have a couple by doing RCs regularly with a bracelet that says “Am I Dreaming?” on it.


I started getting mine about two days after I heard about this website. It is of course a lot harder for some people to get lucid dreams and some people are just naturals. I’m sure you’ll get one soon enough.

wanttobelucidsobad, what technique have you been using? maybe you should check the ‘choose my technique’ topic to find a technique that suits you more :smile:

i think the fact you want it so badly, and think you need it, is blocking you to have them.

try to let it go, keep your mind occupied with other things, don’t be so fanatic with it.

wanttobelucidsobad, the techniques which work the best on average are DILD’s method. In those methods, RC’s autosuggestion or MILD are the surest. Moreover, if you haven’t had a WILD since 2 years, it doesn’t worth that you continue to try WILD.

In order to have a lucid dream, you must have a dream journal, recall about a dream per night and write them down in your DJ. Then, here is a method I would recommend.

After two weeks, read again your DJ and search those two things: your dreamsigns and your prelucid dreams. Prelucid dreams are dreams related to dreaming or LD’ing stuff. For instance, dreaming that you talk about dreams or LD’s, dreaming that you fly, etc. Noticing your prelucid dreams is important, because it shows if you are on the good way. The more you have prelucid dreams, the more you have a chance to have a LD. Moreover, there are dreamsigns in prelucid dreams.

Then you choose a useful dreamsign: that is a DS which can help you in performing RC’s IRL, or a very frequent dreamsign. If your dreamsign can be found IRL, perform RC’s IRL. If you don’t have such a DS, perform RC’s when you see strange things IRL. You have to do at least 5 RC’s a day.

When you do RC’s, question the reality. Don’t perform your RC automatically. Really wonder if you’re dreaming or not.

Before going to sleep, relax very well then when you feel you’re sleepy, practice autosuggestion. Repeat mentally 20 times: “This night, I’ll realize I’m dreaming”. Feel the meaning of your sentence. If you noticed a frequent dreamsign which can’t be checked IRL, or an important thing which could have make you lucid in a previous dream, imagine you face this dreamsign in a dream and imagine you realize you’re dreaming.

When you remember your dreams, you can have a special mark in order to identify your prelucid dreams. So that you can verify whether you’re having more and more PLD’s. If you notice that you’ve had 2 or more dreams in which you performed a RC, but it failed to help you in becoming lucid, change your RC or try 2 different RC’s. Good RC’s are breathing through your closed nose and putting a finger through something (for instance your other palm).

I’m not a natural LD’er and if I don’t make any effort, I don’t have LD’s. This technique is the one I used in order to have LD’s. I had one in the first month : 15 days in order to increase my DR and write down dream signs, 15 day in order to have my first LD. I hope it will work as good for you as for me. :smile:

I dont think it is very common, but i know of one regular member who has here for atleast 4 years and only had her first lucid dream a few months ago. I definitely think you will experience it one day…

I had a LD within a week after discovering the possibility.

I have had droughts though, the ussual cause is:

  1. Disruption in my sleep schedule (still haven’t recovered from losing 2 hours of sleep a day because of school)
  2. Not doing enough RCs (Sometimes I’d forget to RC for a few days and wouldn’t have any LDs until I started back again)
    also not doin RCs correctly could be a reason, if you don’t truly consider the possibility that you are dreaming then it won’t work.


  1. It`s very bad just doing RCs ?
    I only do them with strange things or when i think of lding , but without thinking “am i dreaming?” .
    Should i change that ?

  2. Dreamsigns , i have hold a dj for about a month (with some holes because of school and vacaton :grrr:)
    And doesnt see a dreamsigns , do they come in nds? One of my dreamsigns is that girls just wanna have me for no reason , they like me ,almost all of them ,or i can see them naked or something without there notice , But this i cant RC on irl (of obvius reasons … :sad: )

Pettertombos, I think it’s better questioning the reality when you perform a RC. If you don’t, I suppose it may happen that you perform a RC in a dream, and don’t realize it’s a dream. Yet if you don’t have this problem with RC’s in dreams, you can go on the same way you’re doing up to now.

About dreamsigns, of course they come in ND’s. Dreamsigns can be emotions (for instance fear), actions (for instance flying, driving a car, etc.), environment (woods, towns, your bedroom, etc.), dream characters (celebrities, friends, family…)

Two full years, and no LD-s? This is a dead serious issue, man.

Search around the forum, and listen for advice everywhere.

have started thinink about the reality when RC.

Waits another week and then looks for ds

mmm … it hasn’t been 2 years :eh:

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005

Date Fri Sep 23, 2005

it appears to be 4 months :eek:

It’s not gonna happen if you want it so bad. It’s not gonna happen if you join a forum our of total despair sounding like a 3-year old on cocaine.
If you want to be lucid, CHILL THE FUCK OUT, learn how to control your belief and show some pesristence+patience. Do the techniques and you should have a lucid dream soon. You sound like you believe lucid dreaming is some Virtual Realiry headset you can just put on and off. No, it’s something you have to learn and master over time and something that can be part of your for the rest of your life. Show some patience.

Only 2 years? :grin:
I haven’t had a real LD since I started to try to have them.

That’s more than 5 years by now

I am still trying to recall my dreams decently, but without much success…
So you are not alone in your quest, but don’t be harse on your self. There are other important things in live, and maybe one day you will have LDs.
I hope so for myself though. :wink:


I hate to say it, but to have lucid dreams you have to put some effort into it. They are not going to just happen. You have a lot of advice on this thread and I can’t realy improve much on what has already been said above. Just keep in mind that lucid dreaming is not as hard as you think and the effort you have to put into it is well worth it. If you seriously follow the advice you have been provided I have no doubt that you will see some success. Just have patients and practice.

Good luck

LOL! It seems that wanttobelucidsobad doesn’t live in the same space-time than us… In his universe, time goes 6 times faster than in ours… :tongue:


How mcuh are seen at as much effort ?

5 RCs a day and doing WBTB ?

Can somebody help ?
Please !

Sorry to not respond for so long id like to Respond to this topic i have been tyring lucid dream Since before i came to this site… I got a Stephen Leberge E book

If we’re gonna be able to give you some advice you need to tell us what you do when you try to get lucid, how often you do it, how well you sleep and so on.