Is there such thing as a Sure way to have an LD right away?

Does ANYONE know of a technique that guarantees an LD ive been at it for a year and a half nad NOTHING its driving me nuts and i cant take anymore if anyone knows and Were told not to tell because of the product code or w/e Please just tell me i have to know :help:

Didn’t you just have one last night? :razz:

There’s no sure-fire technique unless there’s something special about you. That WILD seemed to work, right? Your problem is control as well. :smile:

Na it wasnt an LD it was a “Pre-LD” It was quite useless and Good to see you again Wolf! :wink:

Well there’s no ‘sure fire’ way to an LD, because everyone experiences success at a different rate. However, some things that will help are motivation, persistance, keeping your DJ, doing RCs, not using the snooze button (wake up once, then do WILD or MILD on your way back to sleep, try some vitamin B6, it can make your dreams more vivid, and finally, make sure you’re getting lot’s of rest :smile:

No it was a LD from what I read, and it is definately useful since you have to start at little to no control! It goes from there, you cant have it all at once you know…

Its not hard to ld if u use the wild technique correctly. in one night u can try it twice. first before u go to bed you can try it, but u need extra concentration. This means u should try to be relaxed, and focus ur eyes as if they were open and looking at something close, and at the same time keep ur eyes looking upward to help. no matter what happens, do this. and if you feel that you are a little paralized, try opening ur eyes, u might b lucid.

u also have to do this 3 hours after u sleep. wake up, stand up for alittle so u arent TOO sleepy, then do the same thing. remember, look up as much as u can, and focus ur eyes.

what does the looking up do? if its something to do with the 3rd eye, i read all u have to do is put your awareness there so you dont strain your eyes, and you get the same results

Ouch. That’s a -12 points for grammar on this post. Honestly people, some of you are doing fine, but it wouldn’t kill the rest of you to use complete sentences. Writing out entire words instead of using annoying contractions like b4 won’t hurt either. It only takes a few more seconds, and it just might help me stay sane for a few more hours.

Anyway, there is NO cheap, easy, one-time use LD method out there. None. Don’t bother looking for one. If there was, everybody would be LDing by now.

But that doesn’t mean its impossible to LD, just that some work is required. There are no cases that I know of where somebody has put forth every effort and still cannot LD. Just do the textbook answers, most of which have been posted here. RC, keep a DJ, don’t use the snooze (Hey, that’s a pretty snazzy slogan…), try techniques like WILD often.

you said you have been at it a year and a half… what actually do you do?

[color=green]Hi wanttobelucidsobad

It WAS a LD. I think it was me who sujjested that it was a pre-LD. That was a mistake. LD, by defination is where you are AWARE that you are dreaming. So be happy that you got some after 1 and half years :smile: . But this is not the end of it. You have a LD is proof that you can further than just being aware. U know my first LD, as soon as i realised, i started flying lolll. And i kept flying and flying and flying. I used that feel to get more LDs. Just have more faith in urself :smile:[/color]

I think you should relax and focus on what you’re trying to do… the excitement about having a LD and wanting it as fast as possible (which i think covers just about everybody) could stress you out a little. In your post you make it sound like your whole existence depends on having a LD. Relax - stressing about won’t help.

Try finding the technique that suits you (theres a thread on this forum about that). Stick with one technique for a while. Do you keep a DJ?

Hi wanttobelucidsobad!
What techniques have you been using during this last year? And during how long?

[EDIT: please don’t answer. I discovered you posted this in another message.]