5 - month No LDs , tried all techniques,need help

I am trying to LD for 4-5 month, no luck, I practiced Dream Recall and it worked well, I have full notebook of dreams with identified key words and topics. I also do reality check several times a day. I have pretty vivid dreams but I can not seem to wake up in a dream and realizes I am in a dream. I tried different audio presented by Monro institute and other, listening it over night, no effect. I tried WILD but I guess it is herded than MILD or DILD. Please share you experience so I can finally see LD what will make me very happy. I read the forums often and I did take several breaks and still no luck.

Thanks a lot


wow - you are very thorough and it bodes well for you. I’m no expert but my advice is to take a break from all of your intense efforts. As I suspect you know, many people have had success after taking a break from an intense period of effort. They say you should want it to happen, but not toooo much.

Congratulations on all the work you’ve done. Take a break, relax, and see what happens. However, as a Jungian psychotherapist, I’d advise to continue with the dream recall, writing, and interpretation. If you don’t know about it, Robert Johnson’s Innerwork is an outstanding and easy to read book to help you discover the meaning of the dreams, so that you have another motivation to recall besides just dream cues. Take a break from your lucidity studies, read Innerwork, and see what happens for a couple of months - and let us know what’s going on here at the forum!

Sometimes , regular dreams are as exiting as lucid dreams and being more comfident overall even if you do not recall of any dreaming will produce exiting dreams , usualy even if I don’t have any lucid dreams I have many expriances people have with lucid dreams while THINKING it’s REALITY

and that might lead to lucid dreams eventually although maybe just the though on having a dream where you awaken from the drem can trigger it

Hi stardv, welcome to the forum! :wave:

First, congrats on your good dream recall and your perseverance! :smile: And it’s a good thing that you identified keywords and topics, it can help you in finding dreamsigns.

Now if you tried WILD for 4 months without results, there is no use to continue, it’s not for you and you’ll just discourage. :sad: You have to use another induction technique.

For the moment, I’ll just ask you some questions: did you find dreamsigns in your DJ? did you notice some dreams about dreaming, lucid dreaming (for instance, dreaming that you talk about LD’s with driends), your RC’s, flying, false awakenings or other lucid dreaming stuff like dream powers that you had read about on the forum? did you notice some more vivid dreams and do you know what they were related to? (for instance, when I dream about UFO’s, I’m always on the verge of realizing I’m dreaming).

And what technique did you use in order to increase your dream recall? Did you use autosuggestion? How many time did it take to reach a satisfying amount of recalled dreams?

[Edit: I won’t be able to help you immediatly cause I won’t be there during the next days. I’ll answer you when I’ll come back home.]

I agree with above poster. Lay off for a month and see whaat happens.

Thank you very much for all your replays, it is very helpful to get somebody’s opinion especially if you experienced LD on top of just reading techniques and other material.
I was on vacation for 1 week and there were some other time were I took 1 week of break but it did not help. Sometime I take 1-2 days break what deos not seem to trigger LD 

Basilus West,

I hope you can give some advice please after I answer your questions.

  1. did you find dreamsigns in your DJ?

Well, it is hard to answer, I am not exactly sure what dream sign should be or if I do it correctly . What I did was every week or every other week I analyses my writings in DJ and try to give a topic to each dream as well as some subject of actions. Then I try to see if one of the subjects is more frequent then the other, for example: friends, guns. However the problem is that it is hard to do RC on dream signs since either some of them are too frequent that all I have to do is RC all the time or some of them I never get to do in real life like GUNS.

  1. did you notice some dreams about dreaming, lucid dreaming (for instance, dreaming that you talk about LD’s with driends), your RC’s, flying, false awakenings or other lucid dreaming stuff like dream powers that you had read about on the forum?

I do not think I have had any of the dreams you mentioned, most of my dreams are pretty realistic, for sure with some unreal staff but related to daily life or thoughts but I can not seem to trigger or recognize it while some unrealistic staff happen, I guess to much into sleep.

  1. did you notice some more vivid dreams and do you know what they were related to? (for instance, when I dream about UFO’s, I’m always on the verge of realizing I’m dreaming).

Lucky you, I can not make myself to realize it. I hope with more work I will.

  1. And what technique did you use in order to increase your dream recall? Did you use autosuggestion? How many time did it take to reach a satisfying amount of recalled dreams?

I did not really used any techniques. What I do is wake up in the morning, trying not to move for few minutes and the start writing in my DJ, some time while writing I start remembering more details. Sometimes I wake up at night and force myself to remember a dream and then I write it down along with the last dream I woke up with. I am not sure what is satisfying amount of DR, I seemed to start remembering dreams in 1-2 weeks. I remember 2 dream in average, sometimes 1 and very rarely 3 per night, is it good?

Thank you guys for any suggestions. Thank you Basilus West very much for personal attention.

it’ll come to you in time


I used to do a reality check whenever I saw a cute girl… :love:
It’s a good habit because it forces you to pull your attention away from -erhm- “other things”… I usually count my fingers as a reality check, then flip my hand over and count again. It only takes a second, and people don’t look at you funny… :crazy:

Another thing you could try (and I only say this 'cause it’s been 5 months for you) - is to not move at all when you awaken (without an alarm). Don’t sit up. Don’t open your eyes. Don’t do anything. Just lie there and let the dream come back as you think “I am dreaming” over and over. It takes a while to make it a habit… But it might be worth it for you.

And don’t give up! Lucid dreaming rocks! If it didn’t I’d be looking at those cute girls instead of my fingers… :tongue:


It is interesting since cute girls is actually one of my signs:) I usually dream about having some relationship or meeting cute girls, so tried to made it as my sign and do RC, but most of the time cute girls take you attention :smile:, but I will keep trying.

You mentioned that “JUST 5 MONTH”, is it too short, I have seen people of forum getting LDs after 1-2 weeks even days. How long was it for you? It is nice technique you proposed to me about not moving and falling a sleep again with LD, hopefully, I guess it is MILD, right. I have read on www.dreamviews.com that they recommend to stay awake a1-2 hours after 5-6 h sleep that it is more likely to get LD, tried it this weekend and had problem falling a sleep when I usually do not

Great minds think alike… Or maybe it’s just all male minds think alike… :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
(I like the one in the middle)

5 months seems like a long time, and you said you’ve tried every technique, so I thought I’d give you another one to try… But the dont-move-when-you-wake-up thing isn’t a standard technique, so I wrote a little aside (like this) so other people wouldn’t haul off and try it unless they’re having trouble with the tried-and-true techniques (like MILD and Wake-Back-To-Bed). Sorry if I wasn’t clear. :huh:

Hi stardv,

Yes indeed, you’ve understood what a dreamsign was. It may be a reoccuring object, person, action, event, feeling or situation. It’s better when it’s associated with a prelucid state but you can work with dreamsigns even if they are not related to such a state. There are two ways of working with them: you can perform RC’s in real life when you see a dreamsign. If it’s not a common thing IRL, you can perform a RC when you see it at the TV for instance. Another solution is using autosuggestion/visualization when falling asleep or after a WBTB. If you notice some frequent dreamsign, you can imagine that you see it and you perform a RC, or you can convince yourself by repeating mentally that the next time you notice it in a dream, you’ll perform a RC. I’ll explain this better below.

Yes, it’s good. Now I’ll try and give you some advices. I hope they can help you.

About RC’s: you have to perform at least 5 RC’s a day. 10 is said to be plenty enough. Choose two RC’s you like. When you perform a RC, don’t do it automatically but question reality. Wonder if you’re in a dream or not. Then imagine that the RC you’ll perform will work, for instance that your finger will go through your palm then do it.

I think you have to practise another induction technique in the same time. I asked you if you practised autosuggestion in order to know if you were accustomed with it. You can do autosuggestion or MILD when going to bed or after a WBTB. WBTB will increase your chances to get a LD but you don’t need to do it if you don’t like the idea of waking up in the middle of the night.

These techniques work better when you’re on the verge of falling asleep. You have to do one of them every night.You need to relax deeply and when you think you’re sleepy enough and you start to barely feel your body - I suppose you’re accustomed to this feeling when trying to WILD - you do one of them. By autosuggestion, we mean repeating mentally a sentence about 20 times. The clearer the sentence, the better. A good sentence for instance is: “tonight, I’ll realize I’m dreaming”. You have to be in a calm state of mind and fully convinced it will work soon, perhaps not exactly tonight yet soon.

MILD is based upon the noticing that imagining things is more efficient than repeating sentences. If I remember well, you practice the same autosuggestion too, but a fewer number of times, for instance 3 times. Now you try to put all your conviction in what you think. Then you remember the last dream you had. Every time you notice something which could have made you realize you were dreaming - that is, a dreamsign - for instance uncommon things like guns or just reoccuring dreamsigns, then you change what followed in your dream: you imagine that you realize it’s a dream: “waw! it’s a dream!” and you imagine that you do an action you plan to do, for instance flying or performing a RC.

Then you fall asleep being confident of having a LD soon. If you tend to fall asleep easily, you can also practise these techniques until you fall asleep. If you can’t fall asleep quickly, don’t. It may just give you insomnia. Now anyway, as repeating a sentence a few times is said to be good enough for autosuggestion, it’s not necessary, it’s just in order to fall asleep with this idea in mind.

About dreamsigns and prelucid dreams: when you wake up, you write your dreams down and when you have time, you notice what was your reaction when you were faced with a dreamsign, or if you had some moments when you almost realized that you were dreaming, or false awakenings, or moments during which you were more focused on what you do than in ordinary dreams. Such dreams mean that you’re close to a LD. Please do this during two or three weeks and tell us what are your progress. And feel free to ask more questions, of course! Good luck! :smile:

Basilus West,

Reading your answer inspired me even more and gave me more confidence that LD will happen sooner or later. I do RC even more then 10 times a day but most times I do it when I remember that I want LD but not with association with my signs. Since I think of LD often, I do RC often, and also I have a not in my Outlook so when I look for task, I see the note and do RC, not sure if it is very helpful. This night I had a dream - “that I had a dream and then woke up in a dream and start writing in DJ”, I guess like in Castaneda , “Dream in a Dream” .

I think I will follow your advice and will do more visualization technique rather then just repeating “I will realize that I dream” or smoothing like that. However I fall a sleep very fast, it does not get to 10 times repeating when I am already asleep . However when I tried to WBWT, it took me a while to fall a sleep. I guess I will keep trying as Castaneda said it come with persistence.

Basilus West, what is your experience with LD, how long did it take you to get the first one? How often do you practice it? What practical use do you find? What is your favorite and easiest technique?

It is strange how LD’s go and come. I haven’t had an LD for 4 months. Do you beleive in metaphysical aids, that can help you on your quest? Like crystals, essences, or incenses? Praying I finds really connects me to my relationship with the universe and grants me understanding, espescially with dreamwork and LD’s.

*Moonstone is a very good gem for lucid dreaming