7.5mg melatonin, close to a lucid dream?

Hi, few time ago I stopped taking X prescription medicine and as a side effect I got temporary sleeping problems, so I decided to support myself taking melatonin until my body readjusts again, thing that already happened and now I can say that I don’t need anything else to fall asleep, but I am still taking melatonin because I discovered that it gives me weird and amazing dreams, they are like hyper realistic and more complex and I am even more able to remember more of them.

With melatonin I usually dream that I can fly but not like superman, its like I can control my gravity and levitate and move in the sky, not too fast and not too high because in these dreams I am afraid of going to high and I start feeling danger.

Another thing is that sometimes I jump from a building and somehow I feel that I won’t be hurt because I feel something weird in the gravity, so I jump and fall slowly to the ground. Another thing is that I push my mind really hard to find where I am because I feel lost, but nothing. One day I tried to run as fast as possible, and it was like running on a smooth floor that has talcum powder, so I was moving slowly.

Without training and nothing else I think that I am close to get a lucid dream, but I don’t know, with the many things I have had and still did not realize that I was dreaming, I feel that its something impossible to happen. Any advice? Thanks.

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First of all I’d like to advise some caution. Don’t take medicine without consulting a doctor about possible side effects. If you don’t need the melatonin from a medical point of view, then don’t get reckless with it.

As for lucid dreaming, it may seem like you’re on the cusp of reaching lucidity. What you are probably missing still is what actually differentiates lucid dreams from normal dreams. That’s not the degree of realism, their complexity or how much you can remember of them. It’s about being aware. That means to be aware where you are, when you are, how you are and why you are (in a dream). This is best practiced in daily life. I wouldn’t know if your medication actually helps with that. Could even be the opposite, but I’m not a pharmacist :laughing:

So if I was you I’d try to cultivate a mindset of awareness during waking life and some meditation/MILD before going to sleep. WBTB probably helps, too, but may be incompatible with your medicine intake.

There are many resources and tutorials here on the forum for those techniques. If you search a little you’ll find tons.

Thanks for the advice, I recently stopped taking melatonin to see if that was the reason of my constipation, after 2 days with that thing off, I can say that my constipation problem is gone. Its a shame, the quality of the dreams when taking melatonin is amazing, it happened again, me in a dream jumping from a building and thinking that its ok that it will not hurt me, so I jumped and reached the floor with no problem, but ### still not realizing that I was dreaming, but its more amazing when you fly, me trying not get too high because it would be dangerous, how ridiculous, not realize that it is a dream.

As I said, today is the second day without melatonin but I am still having big dreams, this thing leaves your body after 5 hours, so after 2 days absolutely there’s no more melatonin, I think that because I used heavy doses for around 50 days, it would take some time to revert what may be physically changed with the chronic use of melatonin, so that’s why still have weird dreams, surely these dreams will turn normal eventually in the short term because I don’t want to take more melatonin, dm there’s always a side effect using any substance, I thought that melatonin would not have that since its something natural made in our bodies, but anyway I was taking a high dose, somedays I took 12mg, but I found 6mg to be enough for weird dreams, but I still had that side effect, I will eventually try 3mg to see if it’s safer and if still gives weird and amazing dreams. Thanks.