A few questions about LDs

Hi there,

I just obtained “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge and read through the first two chapters. I’ll follow the advise to stop reading any further without a few more dreambook entries. I collected four dreams and created a chart with the four dreamsign characteristics (inner awareness, action, form and context).

Today, I experienced a ‘half-luicid dream’ where I showed some more self-confidentness throughout the dream. I got the intention to remember everything and inside my dreams, I asked myself questions about strange people (I dreamt I was the german bavarian king Ludwig II. and saw for example a very tall maidservant) and asked them questions. It wasn’t really lucid, but I interacted with the DOs and got a very good dream recall.

Now, I’ve got some questions:

  • I got my identity card, my portable MP3 music player and my lighter with me and used them inside my dream. Everything worked just fine. That seems to be great, but I wondered how I could use real objects in dreams for reality checks.
  • I saw a intresting pyramide build up with candles. This pyramide was built up with several layers of candles. I told this to my mother who day-dreamed while I was sleeping too. She told me that she saw the same pyramide and was told by a DO now to walk inside them (althrough they’re built up with candles). This could have a reason, 'cause I used my lighter to enkindle the cancles…
  • I asked myself how to recall dreams. I use a method explained in ETWOLD: after waking up, I instantly repeat the dream in mind backwards w/o loosing a thought to anything else. Then I write my dream inside my dreambook, underline any strange occasions, assign them to a dreamsign characteristics and add the values to my chart.

After I’ve got some dreams (a dozen or so), I’ll continue reading and then I want to start dreaming lucid.

i don’t use objects to do RCs, i usually use flying as an RC because that is something that definitely doesn’t happen in real life. also sticking a finger through my hand has worked for me, but mostly i use flying.

there’s a whole topic dedicated to RCs here

sounds like a plan. you sound very determined, i’m sure you’ll have much success :content:

oh yeah… firefox is great !!! (i just started using it)

welcome to the forum :yinyang:

Sorry but what’s a DO? Do you mean DC’s?

In my opinion using objects for RC 's can be iffy at best. In my experience objects will work(and often very realistically) if you expect them to. Try RC ‘s that are impossible to do in WL. (Such as telekinesis, flying or changing something through thought alone.

Just stay dedicated and keep practicing with the different techniques and thing will go easier for you. With you determination alone, I expect you will be telling us about your LD ‘s very soon.

Good luck and Happy Dreaming

your mp3 player has text on it right? telling you waht track you are on waht the song is called and all that? and you know how any tracks that little beast can hold.

You cna use all this as a RC throuhout the day look at the mp3 player read the text and look away, look back, has it changed alot, ike the track number was 2, now it is 67. if so you are dreaming. Also if words cant be read that is also a good sign that you are dreaming. some songs are on there that you just wouldnt listen to. Yes we know your secrets :wink:

Your ID card is a god of a thing to use, take a look at it and take a good real look. see your photo what the text says, when you were born ect. now look away and lok back. has it changed? has your expression on your face changed were your eyes blue and now they are brown. are you still born on the same day and is the format of the card still the same as it was before. you can even put a small little LD in the corner of the card to reind you that you want to lucid dream as well.

as for your lighter, well that may be a littler harder to use or it is just the fact that i dont know how lol. you can see if it emits any light, try and hold your hand over it and see how hot it is (not a good one to do but it may work :razz:) see if you can make the flame grow or shrink just by thinking it.

Good luck and very well done on the DS and recording your dreams.

Hehe, I just bought the book… I checked it out and DAMN!!! it sure has lots of induction techniques… I mean it has like 9 WILD techniques!

I assumed it was “Dream Objects”.

holy crap, this book rules, I mean, it is even showing me how to recoginze my dream signs… lol its so detailed in telling you how and what to do to get lucid.

This book really helps.

Thank you all for your replies. I just opened the thread again and wondered that I got so many answers :smile:

@oneiromancer (sounds rather familiar, due to the book :smile::
I thought that ‘real’ objects wouldn’t do it as RCs, but it was a rather strange experience to have objects I got everyday with me in dreams, too. I’m looking forward to my lucid dreams in a few weeks or months, 'cause I think I’ll get other strange experiences which sound like fun to me :wink:
And yes, Firefox is really great, so I put the banner into my signature :>

@clarkkent: No, I meant ‘dream objects’ with the abbreviation DO, like Atheist assumed rightly.

@TimeLess_Soul: Right, the player has got text on it, but unfortunately, it was dark and the backlight wasn’t on. But it played music and all keys/switches worked well - next time I use it, I’ll try to recognize the text on it. Thank you for the suggestions about my ID card - next time I’ll try them, too.

@ErikW: Yes, the book is really well written, understandable and detailed. It also has got rather motivating reports of lucid dreamers and technics to relax deeper than before. I’m rather sure it can teach you lucid dreaming better than the small information frazzles you find on the web.

Second link in my signature goes quite a way to remedy that… but I guess EWLD is better.

Yes EWLD is a good book. However, there are plenty of other books an the market as well and I encourage you to get as much information as possible.

Also, Labarge has is currently selling a Course in Lucid Dreaming which also includes a induction CD and tapes to go along with the course. I have not examined the course my self but from what I under stand it is supposed to be pretty good. As far as I know you can only get it at Lucidity.com and it is a bit expensive I think he is selling it for something like $50.00.

Happy Dreaming

Yeah, the Wikibook is, compared to other resources on the web, rather well written - but EWLD is better, indeed.

I’ve got some questions about dream inducing: From time to time, I try to induce dreams by myself. So, I count like “100… I’m dreaming, 99… I’mdreaming etc.” and wait for the hypnotic imagery to start. But when I notice some points et geometric forms, I cannot keep my eyes closed and sometimes I tend to open them slightly. The imagery is also rather faintly and I ask myself to hear music by inducing dreams… any suggestions?

We are discussing the counting method in the big WILD topic pat 11 page 3 and 4. Most of your questions about WILD can be answered ther. Come join us.