A few questions.

I have searched the forums and the net itself for my answer to one of my questions but have not found an answer. Let me first say that I am extremely dedicated to lucid dreaming, this started when I decided to start a dream journal at the beginning of last Summer. Just recently I have been doing the WILD technique and achieving no results, also recently doing 2 different RC more than 17 times a day, but that is what my question is about.

  1. I know that WBTB is the best way to use WILD, but some may not understand that for some people, it just isn’t suitable. Does this make me lazy or not dedicated? I don’t think so, because I want this so much. I was wondering if doing WILD each night before normal sleep is worth doing, or should I just as well wait until a lucid comes naturally? If it is not worth it, does this mean WBTB is the only way, like it must be done? Yes I already read everything in the advice section about WILD but haven’t found much on using it when going to sleep normally.

  2. After a while of experiencing very detailed lucid dreams and dream control as well, will I still need to do things such as the WILD, MILD in order to achieve a lucid dream, or would I be able to simply go to sleep each night knowing I will have a lucid and have one? From this, one may assume I don’t have the stamina for these exercises, well I am simply just speculating. For example, will I be able to decide before a nap or sleep that will enter lucid dreaming and do whatever I have scheduled, or will I have to go through WILD/MILD each time I want to have a LD?

  3. Are SD real? I have read about them but I don’t understand how it could possibly be real. It seems as if they are online or something but lol, it’s utterly incomprehensible for me. Don’t mistake me for an uncreative person, I am actually more creative than logical, always have been. However since I am new to this huge lucid dreaming world completely, this sounds out of the park odd to me. Yet so dang cool if it is for real.

I appreciate any and all answers from you guys, I have been following the boards for a while now and decided to register to become a long term community member. I look forward to the stories that will be shared and questions to be answered. :content:

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this is just my personal opinion…

  1. what is wrong with doing WILD after any natural awakenings in the night? ie getting up going to the toilet or being woken by a noise, turning over etc? it would still give good results
  2. it is possible to WILD when first going to bed but it isn’t as successful and if you don’t wake up right after the LD, you are very likely to forget it by the time you do wake up.
  3. some people when they get used to the feeling they get when in a dream can become lucid with little effort … since they learn to recognise the dream state.

Thats good to hear, at least I wont need to do these forever. :content: I will have patience and try to do WBTB as often as I find the time and opportunity to. Still WBTB is difficult for me in the first place, as it ruins my entire pattern of sleep and I become tired throughout the day.

Thanks for the answers. :content: I will be back on the forums later on to check back on this post. I have school.

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[How to Choose Your Technique)

hi levipad :smile:
you have some interesting questions and i’m trying my best to answer them with general information but also with my own experiences.

WBTB is not THE BEST method to be used with WILD, it is also possible to induct a LD just by WBTB itself but it can be used with MILD as well. splitter already gave you a link to the “what method should i use” thread and i would recommend you… since you’re highly motivated… to use MILD. i had a lot of success with it so you may have it, too ^^.
and by the way… try reading this:
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well… this is something beyond normal people’s limit, but it IS possible to have lucid dreams without using a method. i heard about one and once succeded in another. except from those two i have never heard about people getting LDs without using a technique. a pretty experienced member of this forum once told me that if you’re a real master or just highly talented :razz: it is possible to simply know the difference between dream and reality. having achieved this level of skill - this is my opinion - i think you can call yourself a lucid dream deity^^.
the one i succeded in a few days ago was like this:
i dreamed about going out with my girlfriend and there was this guy who seemed to be pretty keen on her… well i somehow kinda knew that when i think he will get her… in my dream it will come true and i will be the loser, but because of the fact that i knew that i wanted this guy so much to get his f****** hands of my girlfriend i became lucid. just by having such a strong will to control the dream in the direction i wanted it to go… i became lucid.
next question

well some people report about having had a SD, but there is no scientific proof that this is possible. so wether you believe it or not… it exists… or not : D.

i hope my answers could help you… see you next time ;D

Sorry im new here but whats SD???

BTW Sleeping 8 hours straight its an error u suppose to sleep less than 6 hours and then finish the rest

SD is a shared dream (if you see something your not sure of with a dotted line underneath hover your mouse over it for a description).

:content: I just realize it thanks