A new technique that hasn't failed me so far. I call it NILD


I have found a 100 percent effective pathway to lucidness for myself, and im curious if this would help others.

Here’s the thing: after having caffeine and playing chibi robo park patrol on my nintendo DS for 2 hours (while casually thinking about getting an LD), I have gotten LD. with the combined efforts of prayer, caffeiene and DS i have an LD. soooooooooo i want to introduce NILD.

NILD= Nintendo Induced Lucid Dream

it sounds stupid but listen. i have done this for the past three days and it has worked very well. it started out last monday night while i was playing chibi robo PP in bed for 2 hours. while playing, i thought “I wanna have an LD tonight”. that night i went to sleep and woke up in a dream. i did a reality check and was out the door. i had an awesome LD that lasted an hour IRL! same happened the next night (thought it only happened for 30 min. IRL) and last night! they have been great LD’s and the only reason i have woken up from them is because i attempt to… have sex with a DC… damn hormones! :wallhit:

anyway, last night i think i felt REM. as i was sleeping thinking about having an LD (using VILD i believe) I felt my eyes going to the back of my head and moving around. i was completely relaxed so i just let it do its thing and my LD came shortly after. not sure if it has to do with anything like an indication, but heres my prediction: i play with a DSlite, which has the bright screen. i play in the dark with just the bright screen. perhaps this keeps my eyes in tact or something, as well as utilize the calming atmosphere of the game (chibi robo is a mellow sort of game after all) and combine with the caffeiene, which keeps me alert and aware of whether im dreaming or not. all of these factors (and a LOT of help from God) give me an LD!

so i want others to try this. i know this should be posted in the Lab discussions and i will post there as well, but its not as active as this forum. here’s what you’ll need:

-Nintendo DS lite (try with regular, but it MAY not have the same effect)
-A CALM game (chibi robo park patrol and phoenix wright work well for me, but there’s also animal crossing, electroplankton, the urbz, my sims, etc. check with me and ill judge whether its eligible or not)
-CAFFEIENE! i prefer mountain dew amp cherry flavor. if thats not around you im sure anything would do. two red bulls if you can stand the nasty taste would be good, as well as bawls, rockstar, monster, or some kind of cappucino would work just as well. just make sure the caffeine can keep you really alert!

First, drink the caffeiene several hours before you sleep. i usually drink it at 3 as im walking home from school. When bedtime rolls around, pray to God for help (if you believe in Him) and get in by 11:00 at the latest. play your game (like i said, chibi robo park patrol works best for me!) on your DS lite until 1. while doing so, say to yourself whenever things like “I REALLY wanna LD tonight!”. you dont need to do it over and over, just when you’re reminded of it. by 12:30 make sure you’re COMPLETELY relaxed. make sure you’ve peed and that all of you’re body is totally not tense. play some more this time thinking about what you’re gonna do while LD’ing and that sort of stuff. mainly, i just do this because i’m so excited im gona have one soon! when its 1:00, turn off the DS and lie down completely relaxed. think about waking up in your room and stuff, and you may feel your eyes. if you wake up in your room in the dreamworld, try a reality check, and take it from there!

also, i used spinning a lot last night to prolong my dream and it REALLY worked well. i used to be more of a hands rubberer but now im more into spinning. like i said, the only reason i woke up is because im 15 and yeah…

I hope this works for everyone and i hope they are successful! Good luck to you all!

Sounds simaliar to those who have another kind of NILD (NiGHTS induced lucid dream). In fact, It should just be called OVILD (Obsessive video game induced lucid dream).

This sounds kind of interesting. I don’t know either why it works so well for you, but I’ll give it a shot sometime, maybe on the weekend where I’ll have 2 hours to play my DS after going to bed (school nights are not really a good option).

For the caffiene I can either drink Pepsi (if my dad has any left) or black tea, does that have enough?

Would the game Nintendogs be a good choice? That game calms me (even though I haven’t touched it in months lol)

I’m trying any tech openly as I haven’t found my way of getting LD’s easily yet.

i think i’ll try this tonight: eat some chocolate while playing a game for about an hour before bed and thinking about LD while playing it: that’s it right?

sounds odd enough to be promising, kinda like MILD but more subconscious

interesting…, i shall try perhapes…

i havn’t heard of NILD. NiGHTS is my second fav game of all time tho. in fact, i was browsing NiGHTS websites last march when i learned about lucid dreaming so its all thanks to NiGHTS that i can dream as i do! anyway, i could go with CHILD (chibi induced lucid dream) or something. i was thinking DSILD when i first thought of it actually.

that’s good, try that.

if it doesn’t work, have the caffeine at about 3 PM or whatever. i havn’t tried it by having the caffeiene while playing the game. it would be better to eat/drink before the game because the playing and think is all you can do while in that stage of CHILD (though you are allowed to get up to use the bathroom if that’s keeping you from relaxing). just pretend you’re sleeping, except you’re awake playing a game instead!

also, chocolate may not be good enough. what i use has 150 milligrams of caffeiene. chocolate has about 10 or so.

Nintendogs- good thinking! i should have thought of that… yes thats a good choice only downside is it might put you to sleep… if you can stay really really tired yet still not sleep however you done a good job.

if 2 hours isn’t good enough try 1 hour tonight if you can. like i said, im trying to see how flexible things can be and experiments in whether this will work with or without something is what i need to make it as simple yet effective as possible, so work with what you have and see if it works. if it doesn’t work after a few times not following my specific guidelines, try it with my specific guidlines and see if it will work. if it doesn’t, it may not be the right method for you.

as for the caffeiene issue, im gonna first ask WHY you can’t get two red bulls or something. if you can ONLY have pepsi and tea, go with a can or two of pepsi. that has about 40 mg of caffeiene. waht i drank had 150 tho so red bull would be beter. still, like i said try it with just that and we’ll see how things go!

thank you all for deciding to give it a shot i can’t wait to see your results!

Well, we don’t have any red bull and my mom already went to the grocery store. If I asked now I doubt they’d buy any. And I don’t know how it tastes.

I’ll attempt your tech tomorrow night since it’ll be Friday and I can stay up.

I will try this on friday. It sounds like a simple method.

How many times have you gotten an LD from this technique?

wouldnt a more suitable name be Video Game Induced Lucid Dream? Just a suggestion :razz: Sounds good, i’ll try it

                     4 out 4 times

I will go buy a Gameboy Advance and buy a couple of games. I miss my old one :sad:
I will try it as soon as I get one.

get the SP one with the REALLY bright screen and make sure the games are relaxing (there arn’t many relaxing games for GBA, you could try dr. sudoku or something)

Could it work on tiring subconscious? I will try it tonight, with a computer instead of a GBA, and with more lights. Playing a relaxed game, and thinking occassionly about LDs.

Okay, tonight’s the night I’m going to try this. I’m going to bed in about two hours and I’ve been drinking tea throughout the day (couldn’t have Pepsi :sad: ) I have my DS and Nintendogs together for later.

Hopefully all will go well and I shall report my results sometime tomorrow.

I just thought that sounded kind of funny.
Some big experiment, with Nintendogs.

I had 3 cans of Coke tonight!! :grin: :grin:

But too bad I don’t have a DS yet … I think they’re too expensive though… like $100+
So what games would you suggest for it? Animal Crossing i’m familiar with it and what others ?

EDIT: Did you say to get the Nintendo DS Lite? or the regular one?

Logically it is n ot giving much chance…
I am a gamer… Sometimes, when I don’t have enough work and become lazy, I play a lot… you don’t recognize that you’r dreaming, cause you think you play the game… many of my nds are war or war games and I became lucid in one or two… would say it wouldn’t work for me for sure…
But, if it works for you, I just wanna say that I’m really glad… I am glad when people have ld’s I wish everybody to have one… now I’ll play DoD

I have that game! but not installed … I do have CoD2 I’m a big fan! I want CoD4 but its rated M and my parents won’t let me play M games. it sucks