A new WILD technique idea

Ok, so I just had a really restless night after attempting FILD every time I woke up and trying to do some other form of WILD if it failed me. And of course it didnt help that I decided to try having some music playing the entire time…I basically cant remember any of my dreams from last night, probably was too restless.

ANYways, onwards to the more exciting topic of this thread :content: . When I woke up this morning I reflected back on all my failed attempts of WILD and thought about what everyone here on the forums has said about their experiences and I noticed some similarities. It seems most people are fine with getting relaxed, achieving some sort of SP, and even getting some imagery or visualisation getting.

The main problem seems to occur after this point. From here either you dont keep your mind active enough and thus drift off to sleep or you are so excited/worried that you keep wondering if you are in a dream yet or when that is going to happen…and the anticipation of a WILD keeps you awake; I personally stupidly like to check up on my physical body occasionally to “see if I can still feel it” :eh: yea, doesnt help.

So I came up with the idea of an IILD. “Intensity induced lucid dream”. I havnt tried it out since I just thought of it when I woke up this morning, but I figured Id post about it on here since I think it has a lot of potential, at least for someone else if not for me. Alright, so here is the general idea:

Start off like a normal WILD, relax your body, let your mind drift a little, try to focus your mind slightly.You could even do a little bit of another technique, count for a while or something.

Then, once you are starting to drift into sleep, the technique truly begins. Now put yourself in a very intense situation(BUT make sure it is in YOUR control, you dont want to be plumetting helplessly off a building, I think that would wake me up quite quickly). My first idea when thinking about this tech was to put myself in an abandoned field and fight an opponent, complete with screaming “I AM dreaming!” as I attack and him taunting “Come on now, this is a dream, is that the best you’ve got, you can do ANYthing!”. Swords could clash at an insane speed, breaking the sound barrier. You could even start right off using lucidity powers. If you get stabbed, split yourself into two of yourself and then attack again, and of course he could use all of these powers too. If you are having a hard time keeping yourself occupied with a single insanely powerful person, create an army of them!

Now, I dont think anyone that I know of on here has ever objected to violence in dreams, but if there is anyone, your situation doesnt need to be violent. A non violent situation that comes to my mind would be driving at 300mph into oncoming traffic(hey, your dream-senses are fast enough to handle that :tongue: ).

Make sure you feel yourself really doing it, as you would do with anyother visualisation based WILD. Feel the hilt of the sword or the leather steering wheel, and the wind brush past. Hear battle crys or wheels screeching.

You can make your situation anything that you think will be exciting/intense for you. Most of all, make sure you have fun with whatever intense situation you make up, you should enjoy it :grin:

The theory behind this technique is that you will be enjoying what you do and will be doing an activity that requires 100% concentration(better not get distracted when there is a sword flying towards you or a truck full of tnt is about to hit you :eek: ), and this would keep your mind awake and active. Also because you will be so absorbed in this technique, you wont have time to be checking up on your body or wondering if you are asleep entirely yet.

It is definitly important to get pretty close to sleep before begining the visualisation, preferably into some form of SP. Otherwise you may fling your limbs all about in the excitement and wake yourself up.

Well, I think thats about all I can say about this idea at the time. Ill try it out myself tonight(I think I like the fight scene :cool: ) and I hope other people well let me know how well it works for them.

EDIT: My friend had a great idea after reading about this technique. He says that it would be best for people to use an intense experience that they have experienced before. The car one appeals to him because he has driven really fast before, so he knows how intense it feels and so can better simulate that, throw in some oncoming traffic and go a little faster and I dont think he will be able to stop paying attention. So if there is some sort of intense action that you have personally experienced, that might be better for you since it will be more real for you.

Happy (Lucid) Dreaming.

It depends on the person. I know that personally I do not count or anything at all. Putting myself in a situation like that would keep me awake, instead I picture myself walking down a hallway or through a forrest. Sometimes sitting under a tree or floating through space. But it very well could work. I’ll try it and tell you if it works for me or not.

Very true, all techniques really depend on the person. I do meditate, so I know it can be nice to just drift around, but for some odd reason I cant get into a dream like that. I figured I would try this because it would be more captivating, kinda forcing my mind to stop focusing on the body. When I lay down I want to go straight to sleep, so I need to get my mind to stop thinking about that. Thank you very very much for being willing to try it out! :happy:

hm, well, I tried it last night. :neutral: When I tried it when I first went to bed I started off relaxing…and then fell asleep before I started the tech. I tried it again when I woke up in the middle of the night with the same results. And when I finally woke up in the morning it was basically time for me to get up :cry: I did try it again in the morning though for a short time and had decent results.

I didnt wait for SP this time so maybe I wont in the future. My mind definitly found it more interesting and I didnt feel myself pulling away or pondering other things. I did feel a couple twitches in my body since I wasnt in SP yet. But when I checked up on my body and then returned to the tech, I found myself being gutted through :eek: and my opponent yelling at me that I didnt have time for that…I also added even more opponents after that to keep my mind really busy…unfortunately it was time to get up and my little sister came in my room shortly after that so I didnt get much farther than usual :sad: .

It was a lot of fun though :cool: so Ill definitly try it again tonight :grin:

EDIT: I did however have my first lucid dream(though a low level lucidity) in months last night; I realized this as I was writing my dream journal and suddenly remembered the lucid dream. YAY :woo: But I think this was more from me saying “I MUST have a lucid dream tonight” before going to bed.

I’ll be sure to try this. So you do this when your about to drift to sleep or when your concentrating too much?

I started, but my mind wasn’t really focused enough, so I gave up.

I think you should do it when you are about to drift off to sleep. But when I did that last night I DID fall asleep. Mainly I would just suggest waiting until some form of SP has occurred so you don’t fling your limbs all over the place and wake yourself up.

Well, thanks for trying it Rotten Apples, hope you have better luck next time.

I tried it last night and the night before that. Both times I tried to put myself in exciting fast paced situations, sword fights, car races. I even tried making myself spider man fighting venom at one point. But it all just had no affect on me, It didnt keep my attentions and slowly but surely the sword fight became two people just standing there. With similiar results on my other trys. I just cant break my habit of peacefuly drifting off in to my dreams :content:. I tried, but it doesnt work for me, it could work for other people though. :content:

great i will give this a try tonight!! :happy:

lol, thanks for trying it kit, at least you have your own way of getting a WILD. Ive been too tired lately to really put any effort into it, but it seems to work a little better for me so far.

Thanks, ld411, I hope it works for you!

Indeed, I shall try it tonight :om:

Yay!another person willing to give it a shot, thanks MovieMe.

waits eagerly for some one to get a possitive result while also wishing that I get one tonight :grin:

I will try this out tonight … i have only once managed to dream lucidly so i very much hope that this will work.! PLZ GOD!

The only problem I have is that I lie there for like 10 minutes and i give up. And I always end up thinking about scratching amd coughing and stuff…

Thanks and good luck Hewletter.

Bonaparte, thats the exact same problem I have. Im hoping this technique will be more exciting so it wont be so easy to get bored or let your mind drift back to what is going on with your body. Good Luck.

Im going to try this technique tonight.
When I try WILD I always end up thinking of coughing or turning over too and it is so irratating!
The technique sounds good and I hope it works.

oh, rarebreed, i tried your IILD last night, it was really cool, but i only made it to SP , or whatever that stage is. It might have been that i wasnt tired enough though. but i’ll try again. Good job

I tried it and it didn’t work. Probably doing it wrong.

yayyyy it worked for me last night and then when i woke up i tried it again but in the dream i was kinda lucid…but it worked great last night. My lucid dream was about 20 mins. long. The longest ive ever had!!!. Thanx 4 the idea!!!. Im always gonna use this techniqune now!!! :happy:

Thank you everyone for trying it out with me! Ive tried it a couple times but I need to focus more/been too tired.

kT4all, if you think you are doing it wrong feel free to describe what you are doing and Ill tell you if you are doing something wrong.

ld411, WOW! I am so happy to know it has actually worked for someone!! :woo: and your longest ld yet? Woot! Have you done WILD before? Id be really interested in hearing about your dream and what you did in it!

EDIT: Id also love to hear what situations people come up with, maybe I could make a list of different ideas for other people to use as well.