A sudden, involuntary "kick" when trying to fall a

(I wasn’t sure if I should put this topic here, so I hope it’s alright. :sad: )

Often, when I am going to sleep, one of my legs will suddenly flinch or kick, without me wanting it to. This usually wakes me up completely, which can get irritating…

Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know what this is called, or a way to prevent it?

I believe I read something on this site a while ago about this, but now I can’t remember. >.<

Thank you for any help. :smile:

I dont know what its called, but I know it happens to me in two different forms.

In one my physical arm or leg will twitch and move on its own,
In the other I still feel my physical self is not moving but an extra set of dream limbs is.

It used to ruin WILD for me at the start, just remember its normal. Dont think about it when it happens, dont stop to question it or focus on the fact that it happened. Ignore it :content:

Even if it wakes you up completely pretend like it didn’t and go on laying there. With a little practice it will stop waking you up.

when i am falling asleep i sometimes have a (i dont know what it is, maby some kind of a short notRem dream) “dream” in wich i do some kind of simple action (like hitting a ball, or jumping on something or i slip on something) and when i actually do it i move my real body and wake up! (kick with my leg, do a jumping movement with my legs, move my arms like when hitting the ground)…

i hope you understand what i tried (not very vividly) to say :grin:

i dont know how to stop it or even what it is… HI? dream? what???

Thanks a bunch. When my body jolts like that, it seems to always wake me up right away; but with your advice in mind I’ll try to keep my mind off it and continue sleeping. :yes:

Yes, I believe I know what you are talking about… I don’t think it’s the same thing as what I discussed in my first post, because I am not dreaming/seeing myself perform any actions or anything when it happens. :shrug:

However, I think I can relate to what you said. Sometimes, as I’m falling asleep, I watch myself make a sudden movement (in what seems to be a flash of HI), and my body fidgets likewise…

it sounds like a myoclonic jerk, there are similar topics here
“falling feeling” [myoclonic jerks]
Falling sensation

The twitches are simply your reflexes. It can happen when you’re really thinking hard about something, or just caught up in a fight scene in a movie. It happens to me all the time watching TV, though I can’t say it’s ever happened while trying to sleep. Sometimes you may not even realise that you’re thinking deeply about something until such a reaction occurs.

unbalivable!!! almost the same as what i said!!! thanks moogle!!! :smile:

I think I get this!

The other night I got it, and some one other night I dreamt that I was riding a bike… then I fell off and when I hit the ground I jerked awake.

Sounds like that mechanolic jerking or whatever it was.

I get that. i sometimes got it several times in a row for the same dream. sometimes several times in a row with different dreams.

Thank you, Moogle, that’s exactly what I was looking for! :happy: I believe these are myoclonic jerks indeed. :yes:
Thank you, thank you! hugs Moogly :smile:

In phsycology I learned that little twiches occur about 7 min after you lay down and start to drift. Its just how your body works. It happens in the SIMS the video game. No worries!