A Survival Guide for the Road to 2012

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Living through the Closing of the Cycle, A Survival Guide for the Road to 2012

I honestly think absolutely nothing is going to happen. So what if a cycle ends; another starts. Big deal.

i agree i mean why do the people think the myans knew everything and how do the myans know when the world will end i mean they lived a long time ago and they are very primitive. plus the thought of the world ending is scary

it is not the end of time, it is just the end of one of the cycles, after which there is only one cycle left. so you don’t really need to worry, but something may happen but it won’t dramatic on a world scale proportionally

who wrote that survival guide ?, it is put in the context as if the writer is not part of the human race. Also from the way it is written it sounds the person has taken one too many LSD.

As it was already said, it is not quite “world ending”… The world we have now is rather scary, too. But what I was going to say is that it is very easy to claim, that some people are or were “primitive” - only because they had no computers and cars and stuff like that. But I can swear that there are lots of things, well known to very “primitive” cultures, but only found by our super-advanced science not long ago - or not guessed yet.
If speaking about astronomy… When you deal with things changing very, very slowly, you have two ways.
Way 1: you build a very big telescope, make several photos, process them with a powerful computers and find something interesting in several years.
Way 2: you don’t build a big telescope, but just look at the sky… for several thousand years.
You can call the second way primitive, but sometimes it gives interesting results :wink:

Eh, I feel I gotta read it… Too much in English :sad:

“Primitive” is a matter of opinion. You can have the most hi-tech research equipment in the world, but it is useless without a paradigm. In fact, paradigms are self-fulfilling prophecies. What paradigms you use determine how you view the world. And it most cases, you find what you are looking for.

For example, China is making progress in using animal behavior to predict earthquakes. The theory is that certain animals will vacate an area prior to a natural disaster because they can somehow detect seismic activity that even our most advanced instruments won’t pick up.

Certain ancient cultures also used animal behavior to predict earthquakes. The theory was that certain animals vacated an area because they were infused with elemental spirits which made up the world. When all the birds flew away, that was a sign from Mother Earth to get the hell out of there, if you know what I mean.

There’s no effective difference between these two paradigms. They are really just different interpretations of the same phenomenon. In fact, reality is so far removed from any individual paradigm, that it doesn’t even really matter which paradigms you choose to use. Your knowledge of the world around you isn’t determined so much by WHAT you believe, as much as HOW you believe it.

When the first line of a book is an obvious lie, I question the rest of it…

I think it would be more useful to read this book. :cool_laugh: