A WILD method

Hello everybody, this is my first post here :tongue:

So I wanted to try sleeping about 5 1/2 hours, then staying up 30 minutes and reading articles and forum posts. And writing in a dream journal. And then trying the WILD method. Would this be a good way?

:welcome: Nice to have you here. Don’t forget to post in the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic so you can get a proper welcome from everyone.

Most certainly :yes: , although you may have to experiment with the times by yourself in order to find the best times for you (say 4-5 hours sleep, 45mins awake for example).

If this is your first ever attempt at lucid dreaming (I presume?), then you might wanna try MILD instead, or maybe include a RC schedule into your day to make things more probable because WILD is a tough nut to crack :scream: .

I’ve had 1 short lucid dream before. I came pretty close to WILD a while ago, I heard loud noices and got SP but woke up :sad:, that’s why i want to try WILD again, I’ve tryed MILD but it didn’t have any effect.

You might not be a MILD person then :neutral: , though you may still want to practice if you hadn’t done so when you attempted it. Your choice though :shrug:

I have had a practically identical experience to that. Although your attempt at WILD may not have been a complete success, it certainly means you are capable of it :ok: . As things go, you might have to put alot of practice into it to get past the transition stage (the stage which is most likely the one you had experienced), but the effort and time is worth it. Good luck with your future endeavours :cheesy:

Thanks :wink: Gonna try it tonight!

Good :woot: . Don’t forget to tell us how you got on with it (Maybe start a DJ perhaps? :wink: )

good luck! i just had my first LD using a sort of WILD/MILD technique…

about to fall asleep ‘i should try WILD now…’ (dunno why but i felt it was the absolute perfect time to WILD) sees pretty images, falls asleep, then has a DILD

if i can do it, you can too!!

I tryed it but it went all wrong.
I couldn’t get to sleep, I always have that problem :neutral:
Wanted to sleep at 11:30, but I started sleeping at about 1:00.
My alarm couldn’t wake me, so instead of 5 1/2 I slept about 7 hours :neutral:
I stayed up for 30,40 minutes and tryed WILDing, first i layed on my back, after 20 minutes of absolutly nothing I changed to my side, and after a short while to my other side. I relaxed and waited, I got no HI but I did have vibrations. I got vibrations for like 1-3 min and then they faded away, I got those vibrations 3 times. After that I stopped trying, I was too awake. I thing the reason i couldn’t get to sleep was because I didn’t do much that day, I wasn’t tired.

Im gonna try something different this night, some method that got me my first LD (although im not sure if it was a natural LD). I’m going to sleep 5 1/2 (Gonna get tired today :razz: ) get waked by my alarm,turn it off go to sleep again. And after I wake go to sleep again. I hope I’ll get a LD again using this method.

Yeah I get that problem (although for different reasons :sigh: )…you might just take a while sleep naturally, although it’s a pain in the rear :angry: .

As for feeling tired to WILD, I have tried sleeping about 3-4 hours and this usually makes me tired. Although it may be easier to lose awareness, I feel that it is easier to ‘drift’ into sleep this way.

Lucky :bambi: . Part of the reason I only do 3-4 hours sleep is because I get alot under 7 hours total on schooldays…so you might want to take my advice with a pinch of salt and jalapeno sauce unless you can live like this :
:thud: :eh:

Sounds similar to MILD :wow: . Got a few of mine naturally that way too (albeit with the-as of then unknown to me- MILD being used :confused: ). Once again, Good luck :handshake: and don’t forget to tell us how things are going :shy:

Great to know :yay: . You sound like a person who already has a natural ability to have LDs :bow: . Be great to know how you get on using WILD and MILD (even DILD) in the future- please share it with us :ok:

I couldn’t get to sleep again, so I just lay still and thought of nothing, time flew! And after a while a heard this wierd loud noise and I knew I got to SP again, but again the vibrations and noises faded away and I got no LD, ND or FA. No LD in the next morning too. I’m going to try this again this night! Wish me luck, I was so close to WILD (without WBTB) this time!

Sweet :clap: Please keep us posted. Once again (again :yes: ), good luck. Hope you have your first successful WILD (without WBTB :wam: ) tonight :woot:

Oke, I got nothing this night, I really couldn’t get to sleep. This was also my last free day, I have school again next week :sad:. So I can only try it once in the week now, the night from friday to saturday. So I’ll post in a week what happenend!

Yeah I have had school for a week now…kinda made me lose my motivation a bit. But I guess the lack of motivation also stems from my lack of sleep :cry: . Time to go to the doctors again :neutral: . Look forward to hearing from you in a week :good:

Oke, another post again.

This morning (I was free from school for the morning), I woke up and fell to sleep again. I had a very weird dream, almost movie like, I really liked watching it :tongue: . But I woke up and fell asleep again very quickly, this time I dreamed that I was watching somewhat like that other dream on a big projecter screen, in the dark, and there were also subtitles. At first I just watched, but I noticed that the subtitles weren’t right. They were all scrambled, at that moment I knew it was a dream. But everything began to fade very quickly and I woke up!

So very close again. I’m going to try this again saturday morning. Bye for now :wink: .

Ack! So close! And you didn’t have school! Lucky :cry:

I swear dreams that feel/‘look’ like you’re watching a movie are very common. Quite interesting :content:

Good to hear from you aswell actually. I haven’t been able to have the time nor motivation to do any constructive dreaming, should really go to sleep at normal times like everybody else :neutral: . I guess an upside to the next week is a 6 day weekend :woot: , although I still have work to do during that so maybe I’ll have to wait 'till easter to get back into things.

Monday morning managed to get to the transitional phase-ish I think. Kinda had that feeling were you have a falling dream and you hit the gorund and wake up, 'cept it was in reverse and happening alot. Quite a nice feeling :content: . Again, I did the daydreaming thing rather than just concentrate, really helps you to drift off but at the same time concentrate :ok:. Done without WBTB.

Cool, I had kind of a strange experience. I was doing the morning method and i just had a dream (i woke up). And I didn’t move but just thought about that same dream, and daydreamed that said something to a guy that was in that dream. Suddenly he started to talk back! I was in a lucid dream! Only it wasn’t a very clear dream and i woke up after 10 seconds, cool experience anyway.
Good luck to you!

Oke, I’m free from school again tommorow (lucky me :smile: ). I’m going to give it another try.

By the way you keep reaching SP, but then it fades away, I would guess that perhaps you are getting too excited when it starts happening. I think the way to stop this happening is to take observe rather than experience, as if you were watching it happen to someone else. Disassociate yourself from the sensations, and just keep concentrating, and then maybe you can push through into a dream.
I had an annoying experience this morning. Normally I struggle to get to SP at all, but this morning, I without trying at all, I got the tell-tale vibrations, but I’m so lazy, that I just thought “I can’t be bothered”, turned over and fell asleep normally. If I weren’t so sleepy and dopey I would have taken the rare opportunity. It’s so annoying.
Anyway, good luck with it.

I see you are close to a lucid dream and the WILD method is almost working for you. I am gonna try to hve clear dreams tonight by thrinking some hot chocolate milk. On the dutch forum they say it works!

Succes verder ap :wink: