Advice from others with aphantasia or anyone with knowledge on subject

hello obviously i’m new here i’m 20 yrs old and i’ve been researching lucid dreaming astral projection and anything else consciousness related on and off for at least a couple years now recently i found out i have aphantasia and like most people i was shocked to learn everyone else literally can see things in their mind anyway almost anything you come across about meditation or LD involves visualization i’m wondering if anyone knows of i guess you’d call a work around or even better a way to learn to visualize i welcome any information from anyone
Love and light.


if doctors can cure aphantasia you could have a chance. but from what i read in Wikipedia your condition is totally against lucid dream or any kind of astral projection.
sometimes i had radio-like lucid dreams, it was like my eyes are closed and i see black. but i hear sounds of jungle in my ears and i feel leaves and drops of water on my body and wind in my hairs while im floating in middle of jungle. and it was one of my best lucid dreams even thou i coudnt see anything. eventually i opened my eyes and whole jungle collapsed and my dream fucked up. so i think you can have very relaxing and calm radio-like lucid dreams better than anyone.

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that’s interesting as far as i know doctors have no cure for aphantasia but heres hoping and the radio like LD you describe is interesting i haven’t come across that before i need to look into that

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Visualization is not a requirement for LDs, if that’s the only reason you are pursuing it. Do you have visual dreams?

Meditation again takes many forms, doesn’t have to be a visualization based but could be focusing on a mantra, breath, etc.

Lucid dreaming is a personal journey, not all techniques work for all people. Experiment to find something that works for you! There are many techniques that don’t need visualization - MILD, SSILD, I would focus on those first. Good luck. :wave:

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yes i do have visual dreams while i know visualization isn’t exactly necessary from my position it sure seems like it would help alot thank you for your suggestions as always i have more research to do

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There’s this, but it never helped me. Can’t see any downside to trying though. I hope I am allowed to share external links?

I am not sure how a Dr would help anyway. I believe it is a condition that relates to past trauma imo and is something that could be worked through with possibly shadow work. I don’t pin my hopes and dreams (punny) on traditional western medicine, which is a whole other fiasco in and of itself.