Ahhhhhhhh I think I know it's not working need help veterans

I was trying to Lucid dream for the first time yesterday and listening to the LD test preset on my bwgen. Then I got scared about reading this demon looking thing that creeps around a lucid dreamer. Do you think because I got afriad of this black thing so I couldn’t lucid dream? I ended up with a normal dream :crying:((

Anything I can do to promote success


I am not a veteran, but…:smile:

Where did you read about this demon? To be honest, I have never heard of anything like it. Was it a nightmare?

main page something about medieval people seeing these dark figures at night then suddenly wakes up

The only time I have seen a dark figure is in SP when I was a child. I have had a lot of LDs, and never seen a demon. I have never heard of any other people seeing them every time, either. Maybe they went extinct in the medieval age? :smile:

Seriously, I believe that if you expect a LD, it is easier to get one. Your subconscious might try to block you from getting lucid if you are afraid to. I don’t think you will meet a demon. Good luck!

Me neither.

When transitioning between awake and sleep, you may hear strage disturbing sounds, see strange things, or feel strange.

This is normal, and is the transition between awaking and asleep.

The figure you saw was the old had syndrome. I wont go into details about it because I feer I might make you afraid. But the firgure does not exist, and so therefore you can control it.

Happy lucid dreaming.

I was lucid dreaming one time there was this guy who told me he was like me (i think i was a demon that time…) and so yea…he was shooting me with black bullets, another time was when there was a dark figure in my dream and all I kept thinking was he was a demon and another time when I was having a LD I think I made a demon appear he was in red and had yellow eyes and he was hiding…he looked more like an imp though its not like I got scared im like oh cool…dont worry u wont get hurt just blast them in ur dream and even if u have fear, and try to think of one ur mind will not allow it…(hopefully) u should remember dreaming is positive things…I guess… :tongue:

I used to get scared when I happened to me. Not that I know what it is I’m not afraid anymore. But I still wake up if it happens but that might be because I always seem to get lucid if it happends to me.
So don’t be afraid of the old hag, she should be afraid of you since you are the master of your dreams.

I have never heard of this. I am also not clear if this is something you actually saw/felt or if it was just something you read about?

Also its VERY hard for me to know that Im dreaming, it just happens so fast

That statement would scare me more than an explanation of old hag syndrome :eek: :tongue:

There is no such thing as a daemon that lurks around LD ers. What you are experiencing is just the hypnogia as you drift off to sleep but, your mind stays slightly awake. All of this is 100% normal and can not harm you. You may think that what you feel or see is real but it is not. Look at this as a good sign. You were very close to the dream state. Id even wager that you were ½ in it. With practice you will learn to recognize this state for what it is and you will become less afraid. Once you overcome your fear of this state you will become very good with the WILD method which is a great way to have LD ‘s at will.

To answer your queston yes your fear is what prevented you from having a LD. Any strong emotion in this border state will cause you to fail with WILD.

Good Luck

You only get that if you’re doing WILD. If you’re doing MILD or VILD or whatever, you won’t get it.

And even if you do WILD, chances are you won’t get it anyways - but even if you do, it’s all just in your mind.

For some reason, I’ve never run into the “old hag” or a demon or anything in LD’s. But I’ve heard of it a lot.

waits for ErikW to arrive and explain how best to dispatch the old hag with a rocket launcher

I never saw anything like that in an LD, and neither while trying to WILD.

I have had a few visits during FA’s. In one I felt a hand on my shoulder and in another I saw an alien (small, grey, big eyes) figure. But I usually woke up right after. I don’t think it has happened to me in months now, just when I started LDing. And I knew that it couldn’t be real because I don’t have demons/aliens in my bedroom.

No one I know has. I never have either. It is just a hallucination though and completely harmless. Since not many people experience this I had to do a bit of research about it. It appears that some people when doing WILD may actually see creatures or just feel as though they are in the presence of one. The only thing you can do is ignore “it” like any other feelings you get when doing WILD and allow yourself to be pulled into the dream.

You know more than some people then! :content:

How do you induce your LD ‘s. Some people do have accidental WILD ‘s especially when doing any kind of dream work including LD ‘ing. It is very possible that you were just in a half dream state. Nothing to worry about.

likewise if you expect (or read about) a demon, you are more likely to see “one” and by “one” i mean a creation of your mind.

hopefully i’m not being redundant in here, someone has probably already said this.

still no lucid dream…am i just trying too hard